10 Classic Teams Who Returned To WWE Past Their Prime


Despite being a territory built around the primary singles championship, WWE’s tag division has had its fair share of legends over the years. From misfit marvels and curious couples to tag team royalty and Hall of Famers, WWE has seen hundreds of great teams pass through Vince McMahon’s chequebook.

Yet, in the fast-paced world of sports entertainment, no run lasts forever. No matter how good a team is, sooner or later, their tenure will come to an end. However, some of the best teams in the biz have seen their WWE careers gain a surprising second wind, even if it was only for one night.

While some acts may be well past their prime when they make their return to WWE, that has never stopped Vince dipping into the talent pool of yesteryear for a quick nostalgia pop. Some of these choices have been bizarre at best. Others have been pure genius. Regardless of which, the outcome is usually noteworthy – even if the matches themselves are not.

So get ready for a blast from the past, people. Here are ten teams that refused to let the business evolve without them having a brief cameo.

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