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GREENSBORO — Shards of glass still glisten in the sun at Battleground Avenue and New Garden Road this morning, hours after five people died in a high-speed car crash.

It happened just before midnight Saturday as a Guilford County Sheriff’s Office deputy tried to pull over a suspicious vehicle, which officials later learned was stolen. The vehicle accelerated into the intersection, striking a second vehicle.

Three women and two men died in the two vehicles.

Neither the sheriff’s office nor the Greensboro Police Department, which is investigating, has released the names of anyone involved.

According to a press release from the sheriff’s office, the deputy spotted the vehicle driving south on Battleground Avenue. He turned on his blue lights and sirens and pursued the vehicle. He was about ¼-mile behind the vehicle when it approached the intersection of New Garden Road.

The driver sped through the intersection, striking a second vehicle with two women inside. Three occupants in the allegedly stolen vehicle and both of the women.

The vehicle came to rest in front of First National Bank.

Police and deputies temporarily closed the street to investigate and to keep cars away from the mangled metal and glass strewn across the roadway.

One vehicle was rendered a pile of mangled metal, twisted in every direction. Only the backseat remained.

Motorists driving to work or church or running errands Sunday morning couldn’t see the horror of what happened nine hours, which was hidden  except to the few observant motorists.

A deputy dug through the bushes in front of the bank. Police tape remained around a telephone pole at the corner of the intersection.

Shoes lay near a pile of glass at the bank’s driveway.

The Guilford County Sheriff’s office said Sunday morning it couldn’t provide information on its chase policy or its policy on pursing stolen vehicles.

GREENSBORO — Five people were killed over night during a chase of a stolen vehicle on Battleground Avenue by a Guilford County sheriff’s deputy.

Around midnight, a Guilford County sheriff’s deputy spotted a suspicious vehicle that turned out to be stolen from Greensboro, according to a news release from the Guilford County Sheriff’s Office.

The deputy turned on his blue lights and the suspect vehicle sped south on Battleground Avenue. The deputy was about ¼-mile behind when the vehicle ran a red light at the intersection of New Garden Road and Battleground.

The stole car struck a car crossing Battleground that had the right of way.

Five people in the two vehicles were killed  two females in the vehicle crossing Battleground and two males and one female in the suspect’s vehicle.

The Greensboro Police Department is investigating.

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