8 emotions you must never feel in a healthy relationship


Every relationship has issues. But what matters is that you are happy spending the rest of your life with this person. You don’t regret your decision or don’t think that it’s only you who have taken all the efforts for making things work. A healthy relationship involves an equal contribution from both partners. You can feel anger, jealousy, and frustration but there if you feel any of the following emotions, then your relationship is certainly not healthy:

  1. Loneliness: Being alone while your partner travels for work is different but being lonely despite being in a relationship is not good. You have chosen this person because you need a partner, a confidante and some good company for life. If they leave you feeling lonely, is it even a relationship?
  2. Insecurity: It’s your partner’s duty to make you believe that they will never stray and there is no reason you have to be worried. It also includes controlling arguments and fights so that you don’t fear your relationship crumbling. Read: Tips for a healthy relationship by a psychologist.
  3. Betrayal: And by that, we don’t mean cheated. It’s when you have put in so much of confidence in your partner and they let you down completely. Lying or deceit is also a part of this.
  4. Trapped: You shouldn’t be feeling that you could have found someone better than your partner and still can but now you are trapped because you committed to this. This feeling will sooner or later crumble your world and is not at all healthy for the relationship.
  5. Obligation: You must never do things for your partner because you are obliged to. Also, you must never stay in the relationship because you think it’s your duty or because you’re required to. Everything you do must be out of love and respect. Read: Subtle signs you are in a toxic relationship.
  6. Isolation: Did you know this is a sign of emotional abuse and hence not at all healthy? If you feel isolated from family and friends because your partner wants you all for themselves or does not like you being associated with anyone else, then you need to communicate.
  7. Fear: If you are afraid of doing anything without the consent of your partner or fear that anything you do might upset or anger them, then you need to be in a safer place. If you hold your views or opinions because you’re scared it might affect your partner, you need to act upon it.
  8. Inferiority: If your partner constantly makes you feel unworthy or inferior, talk about it. There are chances you are suffering from low self-esteem and you feel inferior without your partner doing anything. No matter what the reason, you need to speak to them and find a solution. Read: Signs you are compromising your self-respect in a relationship.

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Published: December 14, 2017 10:21 am

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