Austin Aries on making more money outside of WWE


Many former WWE Superstars have made the decision to leave the professional wrestling powerhouse in favor of making more money on the independent circuit – and former WWE Cruiserweight Title challenger Austin Aries is proof that it can be done.

In recent years many former WWE stars such as Alberto Del Rio, Cody Rhodes, Jack Swagger, Austin Aries, and now most recently former WWE Cruiserweight Champion Neville have decided to walk away from the company in order to get out of the crummy positions they were in with the promotion.

All of the previously named stars were being underutilized at some points in their careers and decided to take more money on the indie circuit in addition to being taken more seriously, as opposed to remaining with WWE.

Professional wrestlers are starting to see a ton of benefits while opting out of working for the Vince McMahon-fronted machine, such as a much less strenuous travel schedule. WWE Superstars travel over 300 days a year and rarely have time to spend with their families.

On the indies you are able to dictate which dates you work and control how frequently you’ll be traveling. Also, smaller promotions are willing to pay stars bigger paychecks for an appearance, and over time the checks really begin to add up.

Aside from how it benefits stars outside the ring, inside the ring indie talents seem to be taken a lot more serious than they do in WWE. Stars such as Del Rio, Rhodes, Swagger, Aries, and Neville weren’t used to their full potential in WWE, but are now able to build themselves up as serious singles competitors for other promotions.

Austin Aries, who’s 90-day “No Compete” clause just finished up since being released back in July, took to Twitter to boast about the rewards the indie circuit has already been giving him. Aries claimed that he will be making more money in the next 6 weeks on the indies than he did in the last four months with the WWE:

What are your thoughts on Aries poking fun at there being more money to be made for professional wrestlers who are outside of WWE? Do you think more WWE Superstars will begin to follow in his lead? Or will they remain in the WWE in order to remain relevant and alongside the biggest professional wrestling juggernaut in the world today? Have YOUR say in the comments section below, and the fourth episode of GiveMeSport’s WWE podcast is here!

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