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Bali volcano continues to cause chaos as fears heighten for a second, larger eruption of Mount Aguing.

The island’s international airport, Denpasar International, remains closed for a second day.

Thousands of tourists have been left stranded in the airport, with around 2,000 demanding refunds or rescheduled tickets.

See live Bali volcano eruption updates here.

“Aircraft flight channels are covered with volcanic ash,” said the transport ministry in a statement concerning the closures.

Bali’s airport will be closed until 7am local time on Wednesday (23:00 GMT Tuesday), the statement maintained. 

Saurabh Sanwaria, a Twitter user stuck in the international airport, wrote: “We are stranded in Bali due to volcanic eruption. None of the airlines are giving satisfactory answers about the rescheduling of flights. Help us getting out of Bali.”

Family members of those stranded tweeted concerns messages about their loved ones as they remain unable to leave.

Adie Jamil wrote: “My niece & her family are stranded in Kuta #Bali as flight were cancelled due to #GunungAgung eruption. We’re so worry [sic]”.

Meanwhile, within the 10km evacuation zone around Mount Aguing, BNPB, Indonesia’s National Board for Disaster Management, struggle to convince at risk villagers to leave their homes.

“Not all villagers in the dangerous radius are willing to evacuate. Until now there are still many people who remain in their houses,” they reported in a post on social media.

Residents have instead offered prayers as they remain in the shadow of the volcano, which is spewing ash and smoke into the sky.

Some who left their homes when the danger alert was raised to 4, the highest level, in September have since returned – despite these warnings.

Indonesia’s Volcanology and Geological Disaster Mitigation Centre, PVMBG, who are using equipment such as drones and satellites to monitor the volcano, said predictions are difficult at this stage.

However, they did say the peak had enlarged in the past few weeks “indicating there is fairly strong pressure toward the surface”.

They have warned of the possibility of an eruption mirroring the last eruption 54 years ago in 1963.

The explosion sent rocks large than the size of a fist flying up to a radius of 8km around the volcano.

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