Barnaby Joyce in hot water over affair as questions persist


Former prime minister Kevin Rudd has been cruising around the building this morning. 

He will deliver a speech at the National Press Club today, 10 years after delivering his apology to the stolen generations.

Speaking with Sky News, Rudd says the apology was an important step in the project of reconciliation, to admit admit the wrongs Australia visited upon Indigenous people. 

He says that was paired with “the material stuff” in the form of the Closing the Gap strategy across health, education and employment outcomes.

“My aspiration at the time was to set hard targets – hard targets. Because overcoming 210 years of disadvantage is a bloody hard thing. And so when people say, ‘They are too hard, we’re not on track to meet them all,’ I say, ‘Well, you know, so what.’

“The key thing is, based on what I see in the press reporting today is that, of the seven targets we set, we are on track to realise three of the seven. But in all of them, what you see is either some improvement, significant improvement, or a lot of improvement if not full realisation of the target. So I say today, let’s not bash the targets, let’s enhance the targets. But we should not water them down and this will require consistency of political commitment, of policy effort and of funding support.”

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