Booneville Police Investigating Viral Fight Video


LOGAN COUNTY, Ark. — The Booneville Police Department is looking into a viral fight video that social media sleuths have seemingly traced back to Arkansas.

The video has circulated across the country on various accounts. One post that identifies the video as being Booneville High School students has been viewed well over 500,000 times. 

In the video, you see a much larger teen attacking a smaller student while the larger teen’s friends cheer for him. A number of people are standing around taking videos of the attack.

The Logan County Sheriff’s Office confirms both students in the video go to Booneville High. Their parents have been notified.

We’ve posted a portion of the video above.  At the end of the full-length clip, the smaller student appears to be knocked unconscious by a kick.  That is edited out of the above video.  We’ve also removed the audio due to frequent use of harsh language. 

Law enforcement in Booneville took to Facebook to let people know they’re investigating. Chief Al Brown posted the following message:

The Booneville Police Department is currently investigating the fight video.

We only found out about this because of the Facebook post. No one has filed a complaint or report concerning this.

If you have any information concerning this incident please contact the Booneville Police Department @ 479-675-3508.

It’s unclear who took the original video or when the video clip was taken.

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