Boxing news: Deontay Wilder appears on ‘tragic’ US reality TV show


The 32-year-old featured in the premiere of the new reality series on Wednesday night, tweeting a preview to his 238,000 followers on Twitter earlier in the week.

“See what me and my baby @telliswift are up to tomorrow night on @WAGSAtlanta,” he said.

The WBC king will be a regular feature in the show alongside his pregnant girlfriend Shuntel “Telli” Swift.

In another clip from the series, Wilder, who splits his time between Atlanta and his hometown of Tuscaloosa, Alabama, discusses his relationship with fellow sportsmen C.J. Mosley and Andre Caldwell.

“Me and my girl [are] in sync with each other,” Wilder says.

“We connect. We’re just taking it slow, so, you know, even if we have a kid first, we’re OK with that.

“But the marriage gonna come, though. I really feel like she’s the one for me.”

But for boxing fans – who have become used to seeing the 39-0 in the headlines for another reason – Wilder’s appearance on the show caused something of a shock.

“You’re better than this Deontay, this is tragic,” wrote one viewer.

Another said: “I’m distraught by this news.

“Why is my American Champion and favourite boxer going on reality shows instead of podcasts, nightly news, or ESPN?”

Last month, Wilder’s former sparring partner revealed what it was like to share the ring with the lanky American powerhouse.

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