Burglar steals golf cart, drives it 7 miles to steal Schwan’s food truck


A pair of bizarre vehicle thefts in Washington County have police and victims wondering what the thief was thinking.

Sometime this week, someone broke into Tower Golf outside Washington and damaged a brand-new golf cart before stealing an old one by using a screwdriver to start it.

What gets puzzling is that the thief took that golf cart, which has no lights or roof and a top speed of about 10 miles an hour, and drove it about seven miles away.

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“I don’t know what you do in the dead of winter,” said Tower Golf owner Chris Potts. “They had to have froze to death driving out there.”

“Out there” is the Schwan’s facility on Route 136.

“That cart didn’t have lights; in the middle of the night, driving a utility golf cart cross country … gotta be a bizarre scene,” Potts said.


The thief then broke into the Schwan’s building through a window and found where the keys to the company’s frozen food trucks are kept. The thief stole one of those trucks, leaving the golf cart behind in its place.

The truck cost about $70,000 and the food inside it was worth about $6,500. The truck hasn’t been seen since.

Police are hoping to find surveillance video from one of the many businesses the thief had to pass in the golf cart. 


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