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The end of 2017 also brought a flurry of aces across the Isles.

Brunswick Country Club finished the year with 17 aces as Donnie Revels picked up the last one on Dec. 30. Revels aced the fourth hole from 132 yards away with a 9-iron. Jim Graham Ramsey Merrill and Rusty Sweat witnessed the shot.

Hami Hirata carded a Christmas Eve ace at Brunswick Country Club. Hirata picked up her sixth ace from 119 yards away on the fourth hole with 9-iron. Toshi and Chris Hirata witnessed the shot.

Sanctuary Golf Club also closed out the year with a hole-in-one. Clifford Adams aced the eighth hole from 126 yards away using a driver. Dave Ford, Ramie Jowers and Jimmy Beasley witnessed the feat.

Jekyll Island Golf Club also had a hole-in-one over the holidays. Mike Silva aced No. 3 at Pine Lakes from 118 yards away. Conn Wiggins and Denny Cox were witnesses.

1st — Donnie Revels, Mike Culver, Tom Mitchell, Clarence Sutton

2nd — Ralph Nunn, Randy Knight, Bob McGuire, Freddie Crenshaw

3rd — Wade Swann, Joel Willis, Clint Carter, Ramsey Merrill

1st — Bob McGuire, Wayne Huntley, Greg Barker

2nd — Randy Knight, Clarence Sutton, Bill Brunson, Terry Brown

3rd (tie) — Trey Freeman, Pat Hutzel, Tony Reyna, Bob Lyon and Paxton Shuman, John Hall, Craig Entwistle, Dave Jaret

Men’s Pickups — Dec. 20

3rd (tie) — Jack Montondo, Mike Fixx, Rick Irwin. +1

Men’s Blitz — Dec. 30

3rd (tie) — Kirby Crawford, Scott McArthy, Scott Nelson, Mike Fixx, +1

Two of Four Net — Dec. 21

1st — Bob Obringer, Jim Reed, Steve Henry, Richard Dick

2nd — Jack Ryan, Skip Adamson, Bill Hartly, Jim Merrill

3rd — Don Maassen, Norbert Paga, John Ocheltree, Jack Hoh

1st — Louanne Theriault, Lorraine Ryan, 21 points


Ladies Team Play — Dec. 21

1st team — Pridmore, Beacham, +7

2nd team — Bock, Estilow, +6

1st individual — Beacham, +6

2nd individual — Bock, +3

3rd individual — Youngner, +2

2nd (tie) — Stephen McLellan and Ray Herrin, +10

6th (tie) — Mitch Hammock, Paul Behler, Larry Moss, +4

1st — Skipper Hitchcock, +6

2nd — Robert Smith, +4

4th (tie) — Cliff Adams, Ron Sutton, +2

6th — Dave Michaud, +1

7th (tie) — Jim Beasley, Paul Behler, Joe Andrews, 0

2nd (tie) — Robert Smith, Paul Behler, +5

4th (tie) — Ricky Futch, Dave Ford, +3

7th (tie) — Ramie Jowers, William Sutton, Darrell Crosby, Emil Hoffman, +2

2nd — Mitch Hammock, +9

5th — Rick Kretzschmar, +5

7th (tie) — Ted Harrington, Greg Baker, +3

2nd — John Loiselle, +6

1st — Don Cleveland, +6

2nd — Marvin Reese, +4

Closest to the pin — Andy Mavromat, No. 4; Loy Atkins, No. 16

4th — Butch Blocker, +4

Closest to the pin — Pat Shelton, No. 6; Paul Keith, No. 13

1st — Jimmy Martinez, +8

3rd — Mike Parnell, +7

Closest to the pin — Wyley Carter, No. 4; Harry Kicklighter, No. 16

1st — Lamar Calhoun, +3

1st — Wyley Carter, +10

Closest to the pin — Wyley Carter, No. 4; Tony Stehle, Nos. 6 and 16; Jimmy Martinez, No. 13

1st — Jimmy Martinez, +9

2nd — Andy Mavromat, +6

4th — Millard Swingle, +1

3rd — Jim Paladino, -1

4th — Wyley Carter, -3

Closest to the pin — Wyley Carter, Island Green; Chip Bennett, No. 13

1st — Butch Blocker, +7

Closest to the pin — John Loiselle, No. 6; Ron Flowers, No. 16

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