DA: Needham man killed girlfriend, stabbed parents

DA: Needham man killed girlfriend, stabbed parents
DA: Needham man killed girlfriend, stabbed parents

A Needham man stabbed his girlfriend to death in the apartment they shared, then seriously injured his parents in a knife attack at Millis restaurant last night, authorities say.

Police found the slain 20-year-old woman’s body in the Needham apartment shortly after they say Benjamin Walsh attacked his parents with a knife at about 7 p.m. last night during a family gathering at an Italian resaurant in Millis, authorities said.

Walsh, 24. was subdued by family members, who tied him up until police arrived.

Walsh is in the custody of Millis police and facing “multiple charges,” according to Norfolk District Attorney Michael W. Morrissey, who declined to elaborate on what the charges will be.

He said Walsh will likely be arraigned tomorrow in Wrentham District Court for the attack at the Primavera Restaurant that put his mother and father in the hospital in serious condition.

Walsh’s parents are Millis residents.

It was unclear to investigators how long the girlfriend had been dead. Her identity has not been released.

“We have recovered a knife that is of interest to us and that’s all we’ll say,” Morrissey said.

Millis Police Chief Chris Soffayer and Needham Police Chief John Schlittler both said they’ve had no prior involvement Walsh and his girlfriend or his parents.


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