DHK – Is Holley having a nervous breakdown; Would you read a book on dating tips from Tom Brady?


Thought. Allow. It up. Aren’t your thing you better believe I’m anti Larry patient that’s why. I think tonight is we were just describing its atlas atlas. An interview Devin according over the phone yes they’re all on the phone paid that Friday or Friday night by five minutes of commercials on the phone with. On an agreement tomorrow and tomorrow yet and there and acknowledged Saturday and Sunday that result so that was dumb and him according to a little hey it’s Friday yeah. All of a five minutes of commercial right. Followed by two minutes and grab mass including related army navy game followed by five more minutes of commercials are out. That very patient on where these guys in the start with I don’t care if it is to water suit and I know I went and. What do you like. Glad. Not asking you a very about it while I originally had a lot like the last 25 years and one like a bunch of a lot of success. With details. It didn’t matter does that map from the great respect. And not a good now. I don’t Andy wow. You guys on Florida yards and outstanding can get 130 seconds of this back to you so much. I felt great today. I’ll bet is probably the best day. This may be one of the best days at this year’s would you sleeps. Offering that is the big breakfast open going on. That person after you wanted to go yeah yeah it feels good you know there’s not no protection. From a bald spot now denying that but cut the top all present and arrived in a lot of body jets expect it to you couldn’t got the whole album I want to hold that I don’t you hop maybe this week you know like I’ve arguably the great and so does that one awesome. To those outstanding charity now right yeah that’s right it’s a pilot show I think maybe that’s the Austin is worth mentioning that. Nobody could have done that banner ad I want ads have been real quick to the trending oats honey to the angels and anybody cares but a tonic to the agency that I don’t be afraid like put that in the idea that I’d say I can’t dale I don’t write the target of immediately following its spreading our data it now. I’d probably lose every dripping with army navy game but all that stuff so Tommy sedated when I go to Red Sox yankees now we know why I wanted to go to California. And hang out with the angels’ Mike Price Mike Trout and notes on the wall old dream team guy who can pitch on pitch on Tuesday and DH well yeah. When I can’t wait that’s my guy Mike Trout just weeded out eyeballs him OG I Kia. I’m just go into them said I’m new solid day after all the trouble it’s news I’ll get on the Dark Knight. Combined hyper real opponents say that if. I I gotta say I don’t yeah you don’t know what’s gonna happen then this might be the storm of the century this week and I don’t know. You know maybe won’t be on the air on on Monday rules at all costs noted that he doesn’t look. I just wanna tell you got to pocket three to six not thirty I thought Garrett as much against whom I appreciate you vote. I don’t know I don’t know I was I’m upset about that yes you are setup in this is why it was a great just think this morning’s. Doesn’t work with slogans you. About. You know it’s really a key. You’re here great talent. Funny I don’t. Government’s very well there so I’ll ask you to turn it Favreau here you’re quick on your feet again what an addition. What a great years been happy anniversary daddy and a very much guys dale yes I had a there’s broadcasting draft. Both radio stations I’m taking you in the top three. Maybe they’re not you know what everybody really accomplish yeah. What are the mixed LB hide Byrd Trent I don’t know and I probably got a lot of monitor the number one pick where the number one pick is going to be that person is overrated it’s always over confidently yeah so what ought to build up on the bulletin gain track down how the number one pick it straight out get out what all old Gail Arnold and I used to attack and a few editor future pick yeah Florida hey if you need a studio and didn’t make any sport yes I think who else could say about the Hartley I Hartley dykes touchdown not Mandela. Arnold there. The other question. The Bruins right. Yeah all of the Sox about it we are being set up well and my brother are well I know I just I don’t that the monitor is well I’m grateful I’m just really grateful guys don’t want to let you know. Is he won a couple dollar note auto market but I don’t know compliments now out until 3 o’clock a 3 or 4 o’clock aren’t but I’ll tell you when I’m fishing for compliments event I’m not above that I don’t I’m not doing that right now. But just in general and if you think you know wanted to Michael compliment when her feet and get comfortable than normal to the alike who might block market I will Richard compliments at times but right now just. I sent Dexter wonders whether you’re having a nervous breakdown no I. You know at the wrong idea. I don’t want but all 7747740. Look you know. You are right taxpayer. You’ve sent text before always on point oh man free stuff Friday this slash or something happening. If you’re gonna know is an early hours this weekend everybody kind of Rita sic is any characteristics. Rusty but marriage is gonna make it man. Kick out of that it. What Rossi whether that was an option after three weeks into the into the marriage and you want to take you don’t want to instill a note to let him go to Angela great. Loss what is it 400 what now 125. 33030. Pounds Michaels on my wife Dana and I can’t call are gonna get this guy Michael public’s. Rude to the end of Christmas Carol with the philosophy that that’s that’s great. Well good news because. If you really wants them to do the weekend. And you look confer you know some entertainment value to be good carry some in your house you know alone good suitable woman who’s gonna afford it well actually I don’t maybe I don’t put the Buffalo Bills do. What happened there hiring folks they shovel out their stadium. They will give you a free ticket for Sunday’s game nights and eleven dollars an hour minimum four hours. And they folks that double the amount because they got hammered. Over the last money for a horse is buffalo that’s a good deal four hours a shuttle inferred it to the minimum of four. And how much you need tomorrow to the four. Out of a lot of shoveling it their their. Why don’t they immediately colts did you shoot out yesterday and I think burglary and how little they did say bring your own shot OK to be Ohio shovel ready. Four hours those he would 44 blocks and a ticket and it hit a terrible. It costs the sixth and sixth. If they’re right on the cost of the playoffs I think they don’t realize that we had a quarterback. Peter rivers is good colts to have a ticket to a one plus a cult thing ergo it’s it’s a game in a snowstorm. Well post award impulse we are Butler Houston. It’s not going to be united or a couple ways I was on Saturday that the residents aren’t anywhere I want every street corner as wings. They would shuttle efforts like for eleven dollars electric theater can we barter community you know. I would do it does it wouldn’t take an hour ago so I onus for the money I want the money I don’t know if anybody thought of the moment I don’t minimize global. Smelled it goes on I can do role is it really fast because I’m glue my Slobodan values must mobile time. I love most mobile and that begins manual labor’s I love the smoke I’d. I love the snow so it’s hard to get that up and down the aisle and just you name it on your own snowblower I don’t pay a guy shoveling relief for safety reasons probably much much. But they didn’t make it worth eleven dollars seems it seems. Pretty cheap pretty stingy it’s a technique does it ought to dealing especially as well. He’s you know that that the neighborhood kids or were good kids are actually eighteen world that they sent off of that is that in general if you’re if your kid like a middle school and you shovel out your neighbor’s driveway and know what does that and while they happen when when I was a kid when I’ve seen it I’ve seen do on the Internet I’ve seen it now I remember when I was living in my old place that kids walked by and I’d be out there are Smart and shovel in the that they would do Obama not good that other they’re not doing it. Added you know. Out of the goodness of their heart to do it for money. I don’t know how much they charge is is pretty even if you can talk to them half a fast guy and I hit some wild driver that was pretty. Press have now a few years ago I was a kid down the street and love this kid you know that time it was the a sophomore junior high school now but. At times he he he came by about the the thought fullness of the kid came by in August. Can buy an August August August as fast and try to figure out of this looking ahead and I’m looking ahead to the winter. When the snow comes I don’t want to be looking around. On to a four who go on those my helmet to report it and and art can you commit to me and it’s. All right did you get that kind of hot all you did a broad broad agreement. At three shovels got eleven at eleven kids eleven Europe yeah it and we can we do this. So it was charged first reasonable amount personal storm comes your hands. The clockwork here it is. He’s got a shovel but it was that year when you didn’t hear of it as 100 years four years ago when they’re the right now and then what it looked out here’s dad out there with them. I can’t help love line because it just too much about what role with now you know he’s kids in advance. And I not to discuss the topic a lot of these driveway I recently depends but does it take you blow over an hour. Well so someone shove us through how heavy how long have you has now there’s different types but now I’m with the kind of shove always feel sorry for these people they’re Smart. Let’s those are formed beginning of the snowstorm like these found their shorts shoveling now that the well there’s not even the good stuff because not bad though but they’re Smart they are possess the way to do guests never really get too crazy right I’ve seen. I’ve seen those snow shoveling brigades at Gillette Stadium before oh yeah. I’ve seen an and they set up these big shoes to shovel the snow into the shoot it does hurtling downward bite out as well as from some 4545. Now eleven. Now Kazan and sweet tickets or our ticket the game around on every game I don’t want something Dickens as give me that he didn’t read it in the stadium so I’m coming out with a hundred dollars to spend four hours. Stadium shy of doing it the bill’s shoes made of money. Yes. Leader ordered an adult friends I against Mario Williams that the very Derek did you can afford by putting five bucks an hour gas. I got there you guys speaking of the AFC east in those guys concerned about the game and all Monday night concerned they don’t know now. Jay Cutler the at CNET he’s done enough to me asking not Israel in Ellis knows spread is like eleven and half. Last Jack and a half paths. On the road yen eleven and half dad dolphins. Clinched the AFC east with this victory. You do something new seen that before at and T shirt yet they’re irrational they announce the AFC east those. I’m just curious over the years how many of those AFC east division champion hats and T shirts do you think Tom Brady’s all of all an album yeah I cannot people has because verbal teacher Shannon he’s up for charity all of this is all that that’s wag. And you sign your name to it and Tom Brady it’s I don’t know the on the. Owns and I know Cain and I Kenan Thompson. Has done the David Ortiz you know in the whole spoof is that he’s selling everything in the fact he says a fungal bruised pretty funny too but I’ll pay Ortiz selling net selling that. I guess and I do Tom Brady. Aubrey. Has surpassed every salesmen that we’ve ever seen every pitchman we’ve seen in the history of Boston’s sports is the number one guy’s name. Has anybody sold more coming just off milk this revenue streams to huge revenue streams on a daily basis for Tom Brady. And the only guy who might be close can Muslim unreal candy and and Tony stands and looks fraudulent and unreal candy was pretty it was good the only the only guy might say it would be similar would be war. Just because what he sold was a whole bunch MDC rings which went up everywhere after he started playing here. They built Polly’s ranks does everybody wants our plan hockey again. But obviously Brady so he’s our list down to operate on bra that can completely different areas. Amazing. And of course the TP CB twelve like star as the life itself it’s created a life has created like this I’m not selling myself from selling. Lights are the other guys have sneakers like yeah yeah. The military is yours you’re selling pizza. I life. I’m selling annual lights I’m Tom Brady wow man. For some great if you could somehow ensure that that the the result of that lifestyle would also result in. Marrying one of the world’s most famous supermodel I think more people would buy into the TV while. Can do it though as Tom Brady said I’m going to give you dating tips. Dating tips from Tom Brady you don’t go work out an album all you gotta be kidding me that and don’t don’t buy that. So Ross he gives people familiar happily married before you’re happily married and you know you love marriage to best decision made your life your wife is always right on us. But before that. Tom Brady your patriots fan and you look Tom Brady Tom Brady’s not that close I’ve got a book that you know quickly. Quick read. A way that the dictate their actions. Fifty dating tips. Where from tiebreak if you’re giving 52 for one for each week of the year 52 dating to dating tips from Tom Brady. Number third also I got where you love Vietnam no chance you would want. Melissa those tips is become a millionaire and be super good look at Merriam multimillion royalty and insult the town bring. Is that that’s an insult to break because he brings more to the table than just as Tom Brady wasn’t in the NFL would be not merited zombie crushing. You’d be crushed going to be fine pretty bad guy out in all not like this light. I even wonder if Gisele knew exactly who wouldn’t what he was when Nate when she first man to do. And Aaron have much room American football she news international well obviously was pretty famous guy there. She had a famous quote that she said he’s like Diener. That’s right because. Because. Because he was what he wasn’t Mary has died and he was being made it disappointed him I am from Arnold on was that she was at Gillette Stadium and they’re like hey you know there are some promotional event about Tom Brady’s he’s you know he’s cuper. Emma is pleased with somebody else right. And in and to me had I not what Fletcher Cox’s record. At the time. On paper that. Real way to reviewed and I was. Last week that’s about I’ve actually worked that that we’ve that that has failed our greatness dating tips them you don’t. I don’t operate that would I won’t be a good looking 65 inch quarterback look like let me insulting me loaded on NFL player of all time I think the only reason Tom Brady. That that would I don’t lot of parties and Nazis bracket went in Montana Brady would do fine if you is not a professional athlete. Gisele is not doing fine that is that the great supermodel all time at the two different categories of heat on the issue would’ve gone out just like with Joseph America yeah Julian gentleman that well maybe. The had been drafted in and gotten into the insurance game like he talked about one in the music shirts sell insurance salesman either not meritage is out now. I’m sorry now I don’t think not I still think it would ever that would that match. Now that you would have turned him down not that he wouldn’t a person of this they wouldn’t have come across he was insuring wherever runways shows record day it’s nice to have that crowd and area doll maybe. But yet to sit confidence if you’re not you know the greatest football player of all time. Conference is important idea being number one on buses rise. It’s imply any single guy and woman. Sort should buy that book it’s not as loud Brady Tom Brady. You know he’s got that he can look at it from the celebrity perspective look at all the things I have going for me with them awesome you got five Super Bowl title modest and all of a sudden I got. And number oh yeah I don’t have reviewed and most modest let’s get more modest than any modesty and at the Pentagon a lot of these lame yeah how did say I don’t know and I don’t always know you’re on the line there. They can give you that perspective he can also say of Tom Brady just the guy from San Mateo. And now it poplar I was like a fourth or fifth string guy at Michigan the coach’s son a scrub. The coach and this and the son both spur of scrubs the times of the script coach had me. After his scrubs on on the depth chart I paid attention to me now still making. You can’t two loser. I let it affect you’re a loser now and I wanted to let you talk about a bring you out of your loser down for 2999. Terrible adding to it in his defense to winning matches he was not a you’ve got to go but you lose two it’s good but he wasn’t ago. There’s been hit with it O six yeah. Really at this liberal no doubt about it and I and I. Okay okay yeah yeah at Montana only and I use Nigel Munson. I want you to journal this like every chapter yeah every every chapter. You know you reload journal at the and ask some questions of what did you learn what was your biggest take away from this chapter and how we gonna incorporate this into your daily loser life. And then off so you say that in the beginning and then we get to the midway point you know we 26. Right right now look back on something back where you were hurt look at your words from week to wait three and he cited lack confidence. Now. Just for thirty bucks. Or the country. Based ally died when the show started I think pretty much done NASA were ready to go home or will do some freestyle Friday staffers I’m trying to answer product 6177797937. Is telephone number. Text minus 3793 as still in doubt write that book. Right he had that look look on now I Scotland when he ate seen the biggest damn coffee table one when he gets that thing down. Michael Irvin will join us as he always does on wellness and sometimes as he often does on Fridays until join us at 430. It’s dale Hollywood keep Sports Radio W yeah. 6177797. ID 37 this telephone number. Were they feel that something else. It’s free stuff Michael couple. Good start here come more that they’re nervous breakdown Molly now they want to I’m sure there’s a lot of very good one of the fields are you and minimizing Mulligan and I’ve been here I don’t know I just enough. I’ll. Tell you guys have been great to jail. Maybe the number three pick in the draft but just got what it all along. It’s just details of plaza drive was ready update I just like they contain them again leading all rookies moves don’t want at all. Faults. Some are helpful to this. Mean and music and think about it I’ll get back to you first pick we the first pick just not getting it done. Apart the first pick my shoulder hurt I can’t shares picked knocked it. So Dell’s great it was great. But now that it is reminded me Jack and had a column as this column a couple of weeks ago that is from Thanksgiving. And gratitude spirit and it’s an all all all the underrated people Boston media it has not yet Emerson Lochte was on the list yet in my nest and Collie. Those people analysts were okay solidly or better they didn’t make but I still really I’d like you should’ve I think both you guys have Minneapolis. Read our guide I have an overrated and underrated stars only under it but yesterday I LeBron and LeBron quote the bronze and you know people can mean so that’s just LeBron. But what I’m doing is actually difficult very very humble quote from LeBron. Just this was. He fell really thought he sent abroad said I can’t believe that rods that luck. I know people look at what I’m doing to say I just LeBron being LeBron. And they use sale are taken for granted but. Actually what I’m doing is that just make it look easy it’s not easy incredible run to watch collapse that a lot of ego yeah let dale and gale people are to dale the same way as detail as distilled Padilla from anywhere thank you dill says. Yeah you know it. I grant he can’t do it easily disposed to pretend like contracts aren’t and are are a factor here and station writes I doubt it so dill said hey I’m doing the Celtics game. I’ve tonight yeah you could have been like a delta delta threat it on. I’m filling in for socially prominent the patriots game. An earth I’m Bruce came and project management. And took into your program is underrated you are under rated thank you absolutely under. Appreciate that up front is an underrated for so long you suddenly become overrated have a Volcom sports it does so you don’t wanna be hyped up to lose example who’s an example of an underrated overrated guys. We mentioned Hines Ward before. Earlier in the week back today. Yes Hines Ward went underrated over this guys that terrible example was the first material ahead Gerald Wallace wade before it came to this reckless with so underrated with a couple of tolerated way overrated but there are there other examples of the of that too. So that’s that if you’re in that article right now. Right EU price feel pretty did you showed yet but that if you are you about your younger guy for awhile and get a lot. While the notice all the sudden you become overrated yeah a incident we’re better off not being include not that not being rated a degraded orbit or properly rated. To figure that. Not over Kanye. Our honor I think you’re underrated. Colleague Casey Smith. Wondering also under rated journalists until she was not on the list she should’ve it’s not snobs should she not she was not in a line was here in March. It’s December. And she’s very comparable to exploit. In Boston or Boston sports our details are to do it and there are ample room where it has not worked out that well. Now perhaps. I know there are some comments about you know you know back and forth and women in sports and what women can do in sports they can do I think that ought to get yes yes. She does which which it on the radio here. Okay and not have the record and I have any idea how to reach out tour I probably got away I don’t know if you don’t make contact no urgency to get it done to get them to be really eager. We keep playing. There yet really killer app. They’re the underdog in this age and as a mid Atlantic and diplomacy she swears like crazy well after the game I just hearsay but throughout the shelter of the day that’s overrated Michael we actually hear her status by the hour. I think it’s all a sudden you’re like Sean Payton. I don’t know what I don’t know and I I didn’t I don’t know what you mean keeps you guessing you never know what’s going from a government that’s true but different topic that you literally don’t know. Certainly had no ID and prosecute an Italian busy day for them for a parent manner or another today with a great good. Man it’s weird. It is all so I got to ask you guys this question the ringer came out with a list of the top 25. NBA players of the first 25. Or so games. And not that’s just through that that. The season until now kept on your Celtics have two players on the top 25. Al Horford is number thirteen and Tyree Irving is number six number 6000. Range for like Ireland that air wanted to who’s ahead of them. He sits LeBron of course my limit on number five Callender ran out there. Number four staff curry. Number three yeah honest unto to compile. Hard to argue James Harden aka number one LeBron LeBron James. Course. When horse right this is definitely a lot I can you argue with that that there are your liver hatred whereas but the dip dip bogey on I’m not talking I got I only wrote down. The two Celtics and then the top five off ala Michael Valiante karma come around comes around on the way I did it I was on a a couple of episodes ago mostly smoke on jobs that are here iTunes and wherever else. Podcasts are available bogey cousins is averaging 26 points twelve and half rebounds five assists in almost two blocks against the rays I gave you those numbers. It’s off the charts. He he definitely should be really that was the word right and the the pelicans right now our uplifting. Debbie the good yeah obviously under our great numbers for whatever right now he’s the only tough Western Conference will be cousins doesn’t make the stats in Taipei are now out there on the other way bookie that’s crew is at its current account yeah great I’ve made analysts. I’m just I’m a good bounce and through your Roberts well I lied okay and he was so high at missed him out there I started the talk he’s number seven number I’ll get right and I got hiring her right. Sorry that makes sense I it’s a real quickly just in just to give to the ones okay number 25. Campbell I excuse me number 25 is Bradley deal. 24 Kemba Walker. 23 new cola Joseph kick sandy says dockets it was when you say that you know it’s number Dodi to Victor all deep ball. He should have pretty there’s another 21 John Wall. Twenty clay Thompson nineteen Paul George. Eighteen Andre Drummond. If you only based on what he’s onto against the Celtics he’d be higher than the does that argument and grass meanwhile an Obama night terrors here. I did Andre Drummond was in your now probably like no doubt a dream Paul George. I’d like a fifteen minute conversation appalled storage where you are talking about he says I love how we show legacy. I don’t let a manager rat out like I really I really wanted to become a Boston dollar asking about local miss. It you’re glad I bought it. They play Oklahoma City again and they played a are ready to beat them. Are down 1718 points at one of the best games all season for them to the parliament Nazi let’s call control Oklahoma City today. Say. We’re gonna geology of the area code. I don’t I don’t you can being. I don’t march 20 can be in that march 23 home against Oklahoma so I’ll Oklahoma City today and let’s see if we can get Paul George on the shows say Eric like in studio it’s yeah there’s an a couple of the guys are showing Michael college Arnold but. Paul has a relationship yet we’re rich Keefe they’ve they’ve talked before there was a very converse at great conversation and keep would like to continue the conversation on here. It is very tough clutter of the show and is truthful. Who knows that to know that was an adrenal real low there is one of those I want Paul George and show now I. Can’t anything’s possible today. And and the other Celtics note here is as we get ready to get the calls you guys John Tomas he wrote this to ban WEEI dot com. And the basic premise is that Brad Stevens as the new Gregg Popovich. That’s pretty heady praise for a guy who has won what one playoff series. 222 last series. You know and Gregg Popovich is one like NBA titles and stuff out what five NBA titles. A lot got to start somewhere though but the premise here is that Brad Stevens has become the new Gregg Popovich obviously playing off. In all your opposition tonight. And playing off the words of Popovich through it and say he’s about to become me but he thing you know he’s intelligent highly Intel you know Gary very complimentary yes. I guess that’s a nice comment but I can’t see it yet. You have to women’s finals yet you gotta do something. Get to a final yet yeah he even get there let’s say you don’t win it you’ve got to get there and he has done everything he possibly can with that team. I I don’t I don’t think the Celtics have under achieved at any point. We’ve Brad Stevens the coach never neverland. What about the years two years ago that lost the first round. To Atlanta yet. I think yeah under achieved there either candidate injuries there are part of it by. Did the Atlanta was great credit that yeah you know what I got a better I was Celtics another one of they’ve gotten better every year it’s great just like Gordon Hayward obviously before this year were looking at stats he’s improved every year in the league. Stevens asked him now he’s been given more talent but if he keeps going down on how that works out that helps if you if if you keep going down that path. Sure army and it’s it’s so far away from Popovich. Again by the way did you if you haven’t figured out yet out freestyle Friday so everything’s on the Arab free things on the table. In getting at the big deal little Tommy’s got to the angels and presumably they’re gonna let him pitch and hits it out highlight that’s great I believe that lysine. It seems unlikely at you know I I can see all course you kidding of course you gonna hit pitching. Then you know he gets there. One or the other. Darn right everything means our runner interview. Look what Michael will bond that I got a lot of a lot of traction out squirrels on the station outside or interview with Alex Cora. And I had a echoed the labs just before us OMF suggested that that he shouldn’t of done the interview. Dvd on the crosses sensitive. So there’s a story written about a Morey sounds like doughboy like it could it be like price records Lee. I think I don’t think it’s apples to apples but it you know it’s and it’s in the ballpark so. The next day he’s on the air Tenet defending it or not defending him but to sort of explaining it away like Izzy Izzy concerns you nurse or he just takes. Bradford reached out to only said short of Al Gore on the air. Let’s talk about that I guess I got the game and that’s an opinion doable that’s coming up next your calls coming up next. 6177797937. It’s dale and Holley with Keefe. Sports Radio W media. And I think Dexter wonders whether you’re having a nervous break now. If you don’t. Dog. I don’t mind boggling 774774. Love you tuna and you’re damn right. Good pick of Warren always. Somebody’s been waffling a little early aren’t area is the guys listen this what should this come. You know I don’t write it straight coffee over here I don’t know what your goal I don’t know. For the pace than all right to me I as we get to the called here you wanted to make your point of Alex. Or Alex Cora let I don’t know if or Matt thought he made a mistake by giving this interview with rob Bradford and going on Evans relics podcast. I think it was what eight absolutely had to do to maintain its credibility to imagine. He would run away from the story he said I’m not gonna address it and don’t let this thing passed and then he goes to talk eventually. David Price and to Dustin Pedroia. Any talks about how we deal with the media. These guys are stupid. And it’s act stupidly sometimes they’re not stupid. And took a long home. Public you’re gonna tell us. How we should handle the media. How you handle the media that Evans relics were heard a report or talking on the radio and haven’t set a thing about it but we’re supposed to. We’re supposed to step up and do the right thing you haven’t done the right thing I think for his credibility he needed it. Try eating that product but that he needed to taken on and confront it and just keep it move it to the Red Sox knew the story nope I don’t think they knew it no. They did not. The one thing I’ll say about and I listened to it to cut from him on and he did make it sound worse to me thoughts. If you read it and I think a lot of people that look at our all day you know a lot stuff happens words yet to get exchanged and but that money starts talking about you know I embarrassed my family I’m on a long believed what general boy. Well kind of problems we have and what else happens it is a well it’s obviously different the price. You know again it’s calculated Els also player broadcaster this is bench coach manager and bench coach broadcaster. All three of whom were former players to regulated right royal play against each other whatever there is just happened to be prior to that. The reality what he’s saying how you bear Stanley and then when drunk one on two nights ago win on Bradford a mock Simon out you know he almost didn’t make it through this season. With the Astros were a whack a date. They were start to whichever Democrat awfully didn’t I never had a down moment and it but apparently behind the scenes there they almost. Governor of their of their bench coach because of how he was dealing with a everything I want. You know learn from that is you know he elegant way. Like it don’t you know the people and all of it now the court and it. Will be very embarrassed you know from. And there’s like I mean when we’re at now. Almost didn’t make it through the season. Again to electric torque on the well yeah it right away and Paris. Definitely would be embarrassed. He’s learned formally we thought it was a couple of guys yelled at each other and since gone on maybe maybe it was a couple of guys young children sometimes over apologized. I’ve never even you know regular apologized yet you know. But that you know just like hey everybody’s has got to apologize well I you know it was just unacceptable. And inexcusable what I do it yet and I did too much let you do. What do you say I’m sorry. Just say sorry as evidence paerson of your fans. I’m on much of the bears. Here baker your former Major League Baseball player on a bunch of guys all the time you get an argument tension drinks talking about sports maybe argue about the rockets what did he brought the drinks I think that Chris Paul trade Allen I didn’t secure it is our. What are the drinks. Element of the story out. That’s tough yeah servers to wants to throw that out there it kind of sticks. An idiot maybe it shouldn’t edition. We don’t know the answer is the drinks elements of the story and he goes from Jeff blonde Q the manager. Aging it. It’s amazing I don’t know. Maybe having drawn solomons and honor he used to record for the globe he’s a Houston guy he’s a columnist for the Houston Chronicle maybe he’s doing a book on the Astros. Now suddenly interested. Yeah I thought about on the field now about how I ever predicted they were destined for greatness and as I cover for you know all that stuff out of the dirt. Eating age we’re historian AJ are out of world serious answers. Up how hard he’s got issues so that’s a hotel bar. Yet so you have the bench coach screaming at the manager and screaming out one of the broadcasters and many of the manager. Getting into a big altercation I don’t horrible health or journals and. And used all. It does matter. I think agrees yeah he got some lunatics against Al is hot heads fighting was because doesn’t equity Astros book if you don’t wanna read that thing doesn’t value of Al two days and Verlander doesn’t matter what. Guys who don’t Taylor two books ornery 2018 the Brady tips but the dating tips from Tom Brady and Austin and the last season that 2017 the tumultuous 2017 season with the champion Houston Astros might be a third book you wanna read too delicate. Whoa settle third book when is this just might be a third of all the other book. All right and I I I don’t think it’s that I had known as this goes back. That and Dale Arnold. The underrated deal aren’t. Yet very cool yeah that is the broadcaster. India stimulus in the studio. Okay yeah well I happen to our studio all of this I think he’s sick he’s sick for any sport dirty we need somebody when he tried to get back collegiate. I saw all of their investment and took Italy Morocco a couple of I got caught them out there yeah. Dale can do it. It will be over into the game wolves had already decided area dale can do the game. And he even completed contract when it’s one way to bridge the fighter write this book. There viral triple threat he’s in office do you write easy to doped up or some guy so. I think it is my show and he’s got. At 6 o’clock today at. And her good man weird good man. You know your copilot everybody makes you comfortable I like little queasy I don’t like it. I let’s get the child’s body here we don’t have a problem for some relate your your good person you’re married soon do you keep it you guys. Don’t know Andy Andy is he knows so much about this this operations there’s since I was called about always tell every every general manager who comes in saying you know you need top anti. Is indeed the thing about him comes off like that this growth guys you know kind of rough Graf Graf kind of like you know. Rough around the edges but. But if idol. I don’t know if he may look that he’s Liberal Party had a list apart you know it got the hat on and he has got all right Ali you know yeah. Intellectual. So readable better so re highly intelligent individual but professor acts. Yes very much so let’s get to the calls regular order way actor shortly he’s pretty good too. Lakeland too young yet. I love tennis and we learn how to pretty shocked Carol. Ali it was Molly holly jolly right now Terrell that’s would have jobs that a court where. Does that there’d be no radio for. They’ve been gestational the broadcast note Tuesday. Appreciate Glenn okay the outs I. Pilots get calls as I am trying to fight a TS as I’m watching the the farewell to coach Herm Edwards and on ES I don’t wait for our they have the they have brought everybody I highly doubt production people let college terms ray is there an area I mean they’re all wearing your errors. It seeks out. I’m well past his prime candidate it’s not bra and confidence so much from you the last nine years the statement betrays. And so it’s what was gonna lifetime and what I used like this where we’re at it for more. Now today and all of us here are here for that reason and so while I appreciate you giving me a platform to talk about the game I love. This call football yet we we all benefit from display in the finals but don’t. The ball wire dignitaries to her as they love you guys as I won’t say goodbye. Obviously don’t come to that ceiling down to negative drag. Attorneys are going of their bond. And darn it let’s and he gets up early this would rise in the show the other since the bureau of time. Does taste is different effect until I have to learn grizzlies that haven’t issues I can’t wait for the her already got over under a year and a half that we barrel on ESPN. Via over under a year and a half. Under Obama taking over on that but you’re too much too I. And if you’re doing and efforts that are older and as I’ve enjoyed here at Arizona State. Does that that the person. He’s totally better state. Now that went up a bit did you see the release from Arizona State a week ago they hired him at the time I was in the CEO or could have elected gee am very strange like OK you guys would definitely consider its deadly violence and all I got a whole WW cheated already yes I let’s get to the calls Johns on the cellphone giant Europe first on Sports Radio stale in Hollywood key. Yeah I hate John John. You got me yes we got some great. OK I have a better feel on what’s a good thing that’s my anyway I just calling C audit carried these are CNET stage it would. Red Sox noted no he’s on. Always out you know Alex Cora has got his he he’s gone and that is I was almost out Ron read Nikki. Former brewers manager it’s his bench coach he’s got a new pitching coach. Actually but the new pitching coach. Our has been around for awhile so. They know that she. Well the other question I had it plus didn’t goes to be a piece. It would be a power house. There are the opponent is already there all right you just can’t stand no pun intended just and stand back to back sick Internap park. If they’re they’re really notice that is. And Alan Shepard and stay at it I think I’ve I’ve kind of given up on stains in the Red Sox that seems very unlikely let you know stances that and it’s easy on the list now he doesn’t. Shares of the Yankees a sickness. That it really did take you back and I have to keep reminding myself. That there were three World Series titles the war between all four of thirteen but this feels like. The 304. Kicked in the gut through always used to and if you wanna go lower you know lower. A lower kick. If that’s the key thing happened with the Yankees all the time you want nonstop you want it Mike Mussina. They get them. You wanted. And this is. I’m Mark Teixeira was after a championship but still he wanted Mark Teixeira but it is where they kinda like how much yummy now enter Sheffield now on whoever thought hey rod situation according A-Rod. 101 dates from eight A-Rod whatever the 51 dates of Iran of gonna happen. And I don’t yeah. Those new thinking OK cardinals. And if Arnold well uptrend on that doctors have a. These games I get the feeling the dodges what he wants. Probably why would waive his no trade for the Yankees manager that he what I think there I think he’s playing in the game could barely hear it presented sifford Cisco. Basically as a deal. And Saint Louis is all in the sand does on go to either one. So. Dodgers or at at some point the Marlins at that lesson if we get a better deal with the giants front Rudd is gonna trade you away. For much less so if you at least get the Yankees and the Dodgers to bid against each other it’s just it’s just frightening to see those two. In the same lineup. It’s a hundred yards on Stanton and judge back to back. Affair I can you Red Sox Nation now what. Ellis they’ve been rescued on Tommy goes to the angels. Stanton goes to play a role in us they’re and I did they did yeah pat I really do desperately they’d never shot about Tony. Because he wanted to less I don’t know thanks. Out whether or not they have a shot I guess the erratically they don’t write. It’s the end. Another felony and he holds all the cards here he’s got the no trade are that that the Abreu things seems like that’s not an honor I don’t want it trailed so. So how much blame can I keep on Dombrowski here for what’s going on. Also money you OK. Here is that Iraq is still gonna get you’re gonna get a free agent back whether it’s JD Martinez or Eric Hosmer you’re gonna get that. But he can’t you can’t acquire a guy who’s got to know traits of that nothing and that you can’t acquire a guy who the White Sox and now when a trade them. You can’t acquire a guy who says I’m really alone plan West Coast and I’m I’m it’s my choice so. Can’t blame for votes. But. JD Martinez you’ve you’ve got to be you’ve got to be creative to get JD Martinez you better be ahead on Posner. You’d better be in on nine in the not that I’m crazy about this guy Santana. You gotta do something something just you just don’t have you don’t have out of at all. Educate you can’t do what you did in the 2017. She’s going in 2017 you know we lose David Ortiz but. The improvement the sending track of Zander Bogart and who keep bats and Jackie Bradley junior. Wolf will carry us through and been in ten. Wells like Brad the last night topic or not. Don’t know with a middle your lineup is yeah that’s Hoff gets a big deal that I hire looses looses the answer should have in its December. And yet we don’t know we give you the nine I Alitalia with the right now we don’t know. 6177797937. It’s freestyle Friday Michael Irvin. Report by the way not a lot of positive reviews for the pre dating book here I’ll draw upon him our buddy at the bigger events and instances we want beauty tips from someone who’s a mess but it’s a lot of Mac apps yes all pretty suvs can bet I was. Exactly. Make them — — debate that’s what you’re doing you’re looking at it from pat the date a guy if he’s able to do really well. Not from Tom Brady not from the greatest football player of all time. That bet more than helps. Whether it was like George Clooney giving you dating tips yeah okay I mortality and probably not gonna help your what is the great mark my color isn’t right. Directly our Michael. And it right most Friday Michael Irvin always says how the judges got a jump to bear model’s troubled. That’s a fraudulent Toppert models travel so Brady. Just look at who he has now to be traveled miles as an NFL no problem before and for quarterback is a college quarter toward areas and Michigan are OK for the Michigan quarterback can still pull Mariah Carey and and Tara Reid in his first year demean him and you gotta be on okay encouraged Hillary Clinton not current guy I know it’s. Yeah and find on the public thing. Tom Brady when he was known name a virtual moaning. About Mike what was okay at Michigan starting quarterback. Gee nobody asked not to sell the history they’ll buy that logic by that logic Brian Hoyer if anybody. Anybody. I think she’s under way at. It looked like Tom that just any body by the way I edges of the whole different ball game that I Butler prom queen before we got to just leave it right employer have a shot it just now I noted. So with not just playing in the pros. Yeah I’m glad I got out all of you these great in the pros and you’re able to go on to the upper Echelon if you well. If you just happen to be a pro. Up millions of dollars to be yet though your you’re going to be on that you’re doing okay since Fletcher Cox. Just ask Fletcher Cox and then added that accurate model. Yes sky’s the limit what is dollars a night modeled before in maybe this time of the book before it was an odd month. 6177797937. Is telephone number Daylon Hollywood keeps Sports Radio W yeah.

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