Does your marriage pass the romance test? 20 romantic tips to perk up a long-term relationship


How romantic is your ­marriage? If this question makes your shoulders draw together in irritation at your spouse’s lack of chivalry and surprise trips to Venice, you won’t be alone. According to therapist and relationship expert Dr Jane Greer, countless couples complain that their happy-ever-­after is utterly devoid of romance. “It’s understandable – everyone gets inundated with the responsibilities of everyday life,” she says. “When you are dating you want the ­person to know you care about them so you make a point of doing romantic things, but once you’re married you stop planning.” 

Marriage doesn’t have to be like this, though, she says – if we schedule in romance. As ­contrived as this sounds, it is no different from the way we behaved in the heady days of a fledgling romance. “You planned ahead back then,” she says. “You’re still running separate lives; you’re not together unless you…

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