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Dog daycare owner ‘terrified’ after online threats following viral video


NOW: No charges after dog abuse video goes viral

BRUNSWICK, Maine (NEWS CENTER) – The owner of a Brunswick doggy daycare that has come under Facebook fire is sharing her side of the story. 

No charges for viral video showing dog daycare employee smacking dog

“It’s all untrue and mean it’s scary because this is my business and this is my whole world,” Meghan Osborne said.

The video shows an employee at Blue Dog Daycare smacking a husky – and it has tens of thousands of people online very upset.

The employee has been fired – but that hasn’t stopped people from calling, texting, and threatening the owner of Blue Dog Daycare in Brunswick.

NEWS CENTER spoke with the owner exclusively. Meghan Osborne was nervous and fidgety, and made sure her newly hired attorney was present. She describes the days since the video was released as the worst of her life.

She says when she saw the video, she felt “just disbelief.” Osborne saw the video at 5:30 in the morning on Wednesday, November 29. She says someone sent her the video on Facebook with a threatening message.

“[I felt] anger that someone did it and then posted it to their private Snapchat,” she said. “That was unacceptable.”

Osborne says she sent the longtime employee home immediately, and fired him the following day.
But that wasn’t enough for the Facebook world – who continued to criticize and even threaten the ex-employee, Osborne, and Blue Dog Daycare.

“I’ve been terrified,” she said. “I had to take the [business] Facebook page down. I’ve gotten emails. Random phone calls. We don’t even answer the phone now at this point. From unknown phone numbers from around the country.”

One critique was about timing – several people believe Meghan only fired the employee because the video went massively viral.

She says she just needed a day to investigate before firing him, and that she would’ve done the same had she witnessed the harassment of the dog in person. Osborne also said that she has “absolutely not” witnessed any mistreatment of other dogs.

The owner, who opened the daycare three years ago, says the controversy hasn’t affected business at all.

In fact – the dog in the viral video was back at daycare on Tuesday.

“This is my business that I’ve started from the ground,” Osborne say. “We all love dogs. Safety is our number one priority, and letting them all have fun here. I know the customers know that.” Customers have sent her flowers in response to the last week.

Osborne says changes will be made – she’s making sure her employees understand the code of conduct. She’s considering putting cameras inside the daycare so people can watch their dogs from home.

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