“Don’t allow him to chew you” Akothee shares sex tips with single mothers


Dry spell has reduced single mothers to beggars of sex, desperate to bed their baby daddies. Akothee strongly warns against this habit which she says is the reason why single mom continue being miserable.

Akothee is arguably the happiest single mother in Kenya. The flamboyant singer is a mother of five kids who are fathered by three different baby daddies.

Akothees family

Akothee with her children

Akothee’s trick

Akothee says the secret to being a happy single woman depends with how you treat your baby daddy. The advises fellow single women to stop ‘friendly sex’ with their exes.

“To all single parents, we are all allowed to date and fall in love again. Having children doesn’t mean that your love life has to stop, some Exe’s are happy to see you single and desperate to the grave, it gives them fulfillment and makes them feel they were never wrong if the relationship didn’t work. As a woman, if you still sleep with your Ex in the name of “he is my baby daddy what can I do ” oooh you will continue hurting to the grave. No man will find you attractive for you keep on moving with your Exes spirits within you, a man can never say no to any available sex , you both don’t know what you want and that’s why you are unhappy,” says Akothee.

Stay in touch with your baby daddies

akothee baby daddy

Akothee with her baby daddy, the father of her last born son

Akothee advises single mothers to keep in touch with their baby daddies for the sake of their children. The songstress however cautions single moms against rekindling old flames.

Akothee also warns single mothers against sleeping with men who are not comfortable to be seen with them in public. She says single mamas should steer clear of such jokers.

“If a man can’t have you in public, then, don’t allow him to chew you in private, co-parenting doesn’t mean revising old past papers, some past papers are toxic 😂😂😂😂, I keep contacts with my Exes for the sake of our children, but a big NO to rekindle old flames. I pray for all single parents to meet the love of their lives before the end of this year in Jesus name.”





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