Elon Musk Launched His Tesla Roadster Into Space


Elon Musk really isn’t letting up on the headlines in 2018, and he’s pulling stunts that just keep getting bigger and bigger. Last week, the tech tycoon sold over 15,000 flamethrowers in 48 hours – literally, just because – and this week, he’s launched a whole Tesla into outer space. 

As the product architect behind Tesla, Musk has some extended access to the $100,000 cars– obviously,  enough access and free-will to chuck his own Tesla into space. On February 6th, Musk and his aerospace manufacturing company SpaceX, launched a craft from Florida’s Cape Canaveral carrying Musk’s 2008 cherry red Tesla Roadster inside.

Onboard for the launch was a mannequin named Starman wearing a full SpaceX suit. Starman is casually sitting in the driver’s seat of the car with his left arm slung over the driver side window, making this all the more fun for the viewing public.   

According to reports, there is also an endless loop of David Bowie’s song “Space Oddity” playing on repeat for Starman to enjoy. In typical, nonchalant Musk fashion, the car was equipped with multiple cameras so we can re-live the momentous and mind-boggling occasion over and over again for years to come. Zone out to the visuals in the video below. 

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