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When it comes to starting a small scale business in Nigeria, a car wash is one of the easiest businesses to start.

And this is because it does not require much to get the business going; in fact, with a detailed feasibility study, one would realize that the cost of starting the business is not very much on the high side.

Another interesting thing about car wash business is that it is a very lucrative business. People like to drive their cars clean. They always patronize car wash centers, and they do it all year round.

So, if you’ve been thinking of how to start a car wash business but don’t know how to go about it then you’re right on track.

Because in this article, you’ll learn what you need to know in other to start a car wash business, successfully.

Here is how to start a car wash business

1. Capital

Every business needs a start-up capital, and cash wash business cannot be otherwise. However, the capital that is needed to start a car wash business depends on the type car wash business you would want to start.

You can either start on a small scale or on a big scale, the choice is yours.

What is necessary is having the capital to kick-start the business and once you have this, we can then move on to finding a good location.

2. Location

Businesses whose services require manpower need to be located in a very good location to attract customers with ease. 

In other words, the importance of having a good location when starting a business like a car wash cannot be overemphasized.

Your cash wash center should be located on a busy road with easy access. And you don’t have to go buy a land to get this done.

Car washplay

Car wash

(Udeozo Chibuzor)


Some filling stations are ready to give out some space for hire. Landowners are also ready for the same.

Get a place where there are lots of vehicular movement and avoid remote spot or an area out of town.

3. Borehole and tanks

When it comes to cash business, water is more like the livewire that keeps it going. As a matter of fact, without water, rendering services become impossible.

Owing to this, it is, therefore, important to sink a borehole even before the commencement of business.

Tanks would be strategically placed to store water for any period when there is none available. A small thank will do in this instance to save cost. As time goes on you can then go for the bigger ones.

4. Power

You will need to generate power for the borehole to produce water when it is needed. Also, you will light to brighten the environment when it is dark.

How to start a car washplay

Car wash

(e bay)


You don’t need to go for a very expensive generator to get this done. Any medium size generation that has the capacity of powering a borehole without running down will do fine.

5. Pressure washer

If you’ve been to a car wash to wash your car you will know the importance of having one before you start your business.

Of course, there can be quite expensive; but you can always opt for the moderate ones with a lesser prize.

Pressure washers do not only make the work easy to do, they also help clean the car in such a way that would not have been possible without them.

And you can either start with one or two, depending on how small or big you chose to start.

6. Other cleaning materials

Also included on the list are towels, brushes (hand brushes used in washing vehicles), towels to mop dry and buckets to mix detergents.

All these are very easy to get in any neighborhood.

Car washplay

Car wash

(Udeozo Chibuzor)

7. Approval

Although this is not much of a big deal in many states across the country, it is, however, important for one to seek approval from the assigned agency before taking the necessary steps to start the business.

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