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DIETERICH — Dieterich could qualify for a $20,000 grant from the United States Tennis Association to fix its court if it agrees to form a Community Tennis Association, officials heard during a meeting this week.

“They’re not going to give (the money) if no one is going to use it,” said Village Clerk Brittny Gipson. She explained that a local association is an independent organization to manage and promote the sport.

The village would have to find at least two local residents to head up the group, said Gipson. They can’t be current board members.

Trustee Mike French asked about how long the local association would have to function to earn the grant. As it’s a volunteer organization outside the control of the trustees, he was concerned about the possibility of it dissolving and the village being required to pay back the grant.

Gipson said she would determine the requirements and inform the trustees. People interested in volunteering for the proposed CTA can contact the village hall at 217-925-5410.

“We really need to do something with it, because it’s terrible and it’s dangerous,” trustee Jeff White said of the tennis court.

The board talked about a number of paving options, before tentatively settling on asphalt. Effingham Asphalt bid $49,900, although that doesn’t include other potential costs, like a new rock base.

The board had also heard about a “floating laminate” type of floor, with a 25-year warranty. However, the agreement would require an annual re-striping at $9,000 a year.

In another matter, the board heard about a TIF application for a new road near Red Bud. It would add four lots to the five planned by Aaron Hoelscher and Matt Fearday. The board is considering up to $155,000 to add the road, paid upon completion.

Board President Brad Hardiek estimated it would take about seven years for the village to recoup its money.

The board agreed to direct the attorney to prepare the materials.

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