Gang bullying of girl in viral video did not occur in Pahang: Police | New Straits Times


KUANTAN: The alleged gang bullying of a girl in a stairwell as depicted in a recent viral video did not take place in Pahang.

Pahang police chief Datuk Rosli Ab Rahman said this is the conclusion reached by the police in its probe into allegations that the video was recorded at a school in the state.

He said the investigation revealed that the girls in the video were speaking a Hong Kong Cantonese dialect.

He added that this decreased the possibility that the incident occurred in Malaysia.

It was alleged that the victim in the video is a Form Five student at a school here.

Rosli was speaking during a press conference at the Pahang Contingent Police Headquarters here on Tuesday.

In the video, a group of girls shove around, batter, verbally demean and strip the girl of some of her clothes. One girl slaps the victim, before repeatedly hitting her face with a shoe.

The victim, who was lying on the floor towards the end of the video, pleaded with her attackers to stop.

Other girls participated in roughing up the victim as they recorded the incident on a mobile phone.

Later, a Facebook posting was uploaded, which claimed that the incident took place at a secondary school here.

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