How to Travel Cheap: Tips for Traveling the World on a Budget


… or just sleep in a tent

Warm weather destinations make it easier to travel with just a tent and sleeping bag. Alex, a 37-year-old bikepacker, spent seven months pedaling around Southeast Asia, from Hanoi to Bangkok. He spent $400 on gear (bike, cheap tent, sleeping bag, duffle, a few changes of clothes), and traveled by bike. “It was very cheap and liberating,” he says.

His daily expenses were about $10 — which usually included a room, food, and a drink or two. Once, he set up camp in an abandoned farm shed in Cambodia. A woman from a nearby house saw him and stopped by, baffled. The single mother of three offered him a place to stay and dinner with her family. “She showed me every degree of hospitality I could have wanted,” Alex says.

Ditch your Lonely Planet guidebook and do as the locals do

Hostels, bars, restaurants, and other hotspots listed by big travel guides — even those flagged as “off-the-beaten-track”– aren’t a secret. Anything marketed toward tourists is likely to be marked up, even if it’s a designated budget spot. Instead, venture off the main tourist strips to find restaurants and cafes where locals go. Look for menus without English, or ask your rickshaw driver for his favorite spots.

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