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In this season of spiritual nourishment, when we light up candles and diyas to usher in good fortune to all who are dear to us, it’s only fair to look within and seek our light that shines within. Since life has become complicated and moves at a frenetic pace, this light may dim at times, till we remind ourselves of our power to shine – inside out – forever.

“We spend days, months collecting emotional baggage, and the season of celebration has a way of making us a tad bit lonely within, even amid all celebrations,” says life coach Ravneet Gandhok. However, the festival of light is the best time to clear our energies by showing kindness and compassion to ourselves.

Adds Gandhok, “Within each one of us, there’s an inextinguishable innate light. This light can be felt as an inner spark or energy – it is our drive towards life, it is also our emotional fulfilment. And you’ve probably spent years ignoring and neglecting it just to get on with everyday life. Now, it requires extra nourishment.”

How does one do it?

Fill your own cup with happiness. That’s the first step towards lighting up your soul. Work towards your own emotional fulfilment before thinking about others. Unless your cup is filled with light, you can’t light anyone else’s life.

In her book, Light Is the New Black: A Guide to Answering Your Soul’s Callings and Working Your Light, author Rebecca Campbell says, “In order to succeed in this Age of Light (Age of Consciousness), everything in our lives must be an authentic expression of who we truly are.” Learning to live in alignment with one’s feelings and intuition will manifest in the greater good in this world. Campbell says this happens because, as our souls light up, we light up the world with just our presence and positive energy.

Says spiritual coach Rohini Singh, “This is a time to look within, to shine and spark, and to rejuvenate. This is also a time to wake up from the hypnosis of conditioning to recognise your true nature. It’s like a new awakening and the feeling is liberating.”

Take time to travel to that quiet place within you, a space where you find your own light, and with it a sense of hope and wonder. Celebrate and cultivate it, bring it forth into your everyday life. Spiritual master Mohanji believes the secret to light up from within is to feel emotionally light. “When the world reels in the darkness of destructive emotions, each and everyone of us should become the light, for light symbolises wisdom, love, compassion and kindness. Light loses nothing, but the world becomes bright. One lamp can enlighten a thousand more lamps. It also means that we are unaffected by the darkness around us.”

How to light up

Don’t squeeze your amazingness into a square box. Take all the space you need and spill over the sides.

Next time you are faced with a decision, ask yourself the simple question: Which solution lights me up?

Our likes, shares, posts, pics, pins and tweets: all of it is energy and it is being constantly cast out into the ether – and then multiplied over and over again at the speed of light.

In every moment we can consciously choose what energy we contribute: The words don’t matter but the energetic intent behind them does.

Remember that the person you long to be is already inside you.

— Rebecca Campbell

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