Macklemore calls for equality after performance of Same Love


With the NRL grand final broadcast delayed by one hour by Channel Nine, one couldn’t help but wonder if it was to ensure those “angry old white dudes” Macklemore spoke of missed his charming pre-game performance. 

The American rapper, dressed in a gold lame jacket that could have cost 99 cents, took the stage ahead of the rescheduled 7.30pm kick off and did as promised, after debate flared up earlier in the week surrounding his tune, Same Love. The song has now become an unofficial anthem for marriage equality in Australia. 

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Thurston grabs high five from Macklemore

Johnathan Thurston grabbed an opportunistic high five as the US artist performed his hits, including Same Love.

Former prime minister Tony Abbott fired up a debate about the performance last week by arguing: “Footy fans shouldn’t be subjected to a politicised grand final.”

Macklemore went “harder” and sang Abbott’s least favourite song to rapturous applause from fans in the front row, the stands at ANZ Stadium and on social media. 

After nearly a week of outrage by Abbott and the ‘No’ campaigners rallying against same sex marriage, Macklemore ended his 15-minute set declaring “equality for all” as rainbow fireworks lit up the sky above him and those in the crowd waved rainbow flags and made love heart symbols with their hands. 

Same Love is a duet with Mary Lambert, who became emotional when singing: “No crying on Sunday”.

Immediately after the performance Nine aired a new commercial funded by the vote ‘No’ lobbyists. 

As well as Same Love, a song released in 2013 which went to the top of the Australian iTunes chart following last week’s outrage, he also sang a mash up of his other less polarising ditties, Can’t Hold Us, Downtown and Thrift Shop

Prior to his set Macklemore spent time with NRL chief executive Todd Greenberg and included NRL legend Matt Cooper in his opening skit. Cowboys great Jonathan Thurston requested a high-five from the Grammy Award winner. 

The league also used music to make another statement during the match by playing Aretha Franklin’s classic Respect as players engaged in a minor mellay in the second half. 

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