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I work at a fleet management system provider with a large client base.

We are also an approved vendor for the Innovation and Capability Voucher under Spring Singapore.

Over time, we have realised that most of our clients initially have no idea what a fleet management system is.

They are also unaware of the existence of grants like the Innovation and Capability Voucher that can heavily subsidise the implementation of such technology to improve their business operations and productivity.

Singapore is growing at a rapid pace due to the boom in technology over the past decade.

Large companies are more aware of these technologies, as they have the manpower and the funds to support the implementation.

But what about our small and medium-sized enterprises?

There will be an adaptability issue if the country grows but its SMEs do not.

If we continue to ignore this issue, local SMEs will not be able to catch up with technology advancement.

Such a development bodes ill for the future.

James Seah

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