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Kapil Sibal behaved more like a Congressman rather than a lawyer in court (“Why link Ayodhya dispute case with polls, asks PM”, Dec. 7). Mr. Sibal is worried that the BJP may derive political benefits from a potential settlement in the Ayodhya dispute. His was a political speech, not a legal argument. The Congress is playing a double game in its campaign. While Rahul Gandhi is trying to appease Hindu voters in Gujarat, Mr. Sibal is trying to appease the Muslims.

A. Srikantaiah,


With the Congress asking Kapil Sibal to stay away from Gujarat following his controversial statement, and with the Sunni Wakf Board too disassociating itself from his statement, Mr. Sibal has been left in the lurch. It is better that he acts cautiously and desists from pleasing the Congress high command while fighting in court.

V.S. Ganeshan,


The Babri case has been pending for more than two decades. More adjournments mean more money for advocates and a waste of valuable time. This could have been avoided with an out-of-court settlement. Since this is not happening now, the Supreme Court must give its judgment soon. We must keep in mind that there will always be some disgruntled party even if there is a more or less “fair” verdict given. This does not mean the case should drag on.

C.K. Subramaniam,


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