MD Diet’s Spooky Tips for Scaring the Pounds Away


(KUTV) Salt Lake City – Penny Warner is the Front Desk Manager at MD Diet and has lost 22 pounds as an MD Diet patient. This Halloween, Penny joined Kari Hawker-Diaz on Fresh Living to share MD Diet’s Spooky Tips for Scaring the Pounds Away.

About MD Diet:

We have been helping people lose weight and regain a healthy lifestyle for more than 40 years. MD Diet’s programs are personalized and monitored closely by medical professionals to ensure that patients have an effective great weight loss experience.

Services MD Diet offers:

MD Diet offers Medical Weight Loss, HCG, Hormone Therapy, Variety of Injections, including Lipoblast that helps eliminate inches from the body and targets fat in areas where it is more difficult to lose weight. Also, Mesotherapy which is a lot like Lipodissolve- This has been Hailed as the most effective way to non-surgically treat targeted fat. Mesotherapy is a simple and gentle way to help you combat your body’s “problem” areas.

There are so many options. We will find the perfect solution for you. MD Diet is the place to go to lose weight and keep it off.

Tips to keep the weight off during the holidays:

  • Start day with High Protein breakfast
  • Begin meal with a green salad
  • After salad, eat double your normal protein serving
  • Eat protein with all starches and sugars
  • Eat dessert immediately after meal
  • Exercise 5 times a week for 45 min

MD Diet’s Special Offer for Fresh Living viewers:

  • Come to MD diet with a friend and for new patients you will both get half off your first month
  • AND for anyone that mentions fresh living and is a current or new patient get 4 free lipoblast shots ($65 value)

You can buy MD Diet’s products without being a patient at their clinic. Give them a call at 801-293-3100 or go to

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