Mum loses half her weight by doing this ONE thing every day


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BEFORE AND AFTER: Taryn completely transformed her body

Taryn Young, who is originally from South Africa, moved to Aberdeen in 2003 and began piling on the pounds.

After doubling her bodyweight, the 33-year-old decided enough was enough and decided to hit her work gym every lunchtime.

At her heaviest, Taryn tipped the scales at 18st and wore a size 22. But after changing up her lunch habits and ditching junk food she lost half her bodyweight.

The mum-of-one now weighs a healthy 9st 3lbs and has competed in two bodybuilding competitions.


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NOW: Taryn has competed in body building competitions

Taryn, who now wear a size 8, said: “Back when I first moved to the UK I had absolutely no idea how to eat properly. I would binge eat all kinds of rubbish foods, then attempt to diet by living off toast and skipping breakfast. I never lost any weight doing this and I would spend days wondering why.

“It wasn’t until I had my daughter in 2012 when I realised something needed to change. I began by making small but effective lifestyle changes that made me feel so much better as a person.”

The fitness fantaic swapped in cookie and chocolate bars for a healthy diet that included foods from online food retailer

The oil company administrator said: “I quit the sugary snacks and made myself eat breakfast, which is something I never did back in my twenties.

“But I have found that by training my body to eat in the morning, I have the fuel I need to start the day right, which means I no longer snack on the wrong foods.”

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GYM BUNNY: Taryn’s secret is using her work gym during her lunch break

She now eats three hearty meals a day and three snacks, and trains at the gym five days per week.

Taryn’s diet includes chicken satay, chipotle chilli, fishcakes, along with plenty of fruit and veggies.

She said: “I am lucky enough to work in an office that has its own gym, which means I can do my workouts at lunchtime so I can spend my evenings with my five-year-old daughter Rachel.

“I want to be able to inspire mums to not give up their passions in life just because they have kids. I can be a mum to my daughter, whilst also living my dream of competing as a body builder.

“It’s not as hard as people might think. My daughter and I eat the exact same meals every evening as they are wholesome and provide all the nutrients our bodies need, it’s all about portion control.”

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