NHS to design ‘healthy homes’ which nag families into good habits


The NHS is to design “healthy homes” that nag families into better habits and keep a check on the elderly, as part of a radical national programme. 

Under the plans, residents will also be offered digital health trackers so they can undergo monitoring by GPs – without even leaving their home.

The health and fitness schemes are being incorporated into 10 new “healthy towns” under NHS plans. 

And the project is now set to be rolled out across the country.

Housing developers will be asked to embed smart technology throughout new homes, to allow remote monitoring of those with health conditions, with results sent directly to GPs and hospitals. 

New-build homes will contain movement sensors and other smart tech linked to a tablet computer. Exercise and other health tips could then be flashed up on screens if activity levels fall.

The system will also allow the NHS to nudge millions of residents…

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