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We all want to capture beautiful pictures on our holidays so we can remember the trip, but many travellers are afraid to take expensive equipment abroad for fear it is stolen.

Travel insurance could cover the cost of a lost camera, but you want to keep hold of your particular model.

Plus, SD cards containing precious memories are also stolen, along with a camera, and these are not so easily replaced.

So how can you make sure you camera is never stolen again?

A Reddit user had an ingenious tip for travellers taking their expensive camera away.

The user named AngryBader said: “For photo equipment or all kind of expensive stuff: put some duct tape on it. If it looks broken, nobody wants to steal it.”

Another chimed in praising the idea, and said: “95% of thieves don’t actually want a camera or whatever they’re stealing, they want to sell it. Nobody is going to buy a camera covered in duct tape and paint marker scribble.”

A keen amateur photographer added: “Interesting idea. I often leave my camera behind because I haven’t figured out how not to look like a tourist target with a DSLR, but then I’m so disappointed with cell phone pics.”

Thieves often target tourists carrying cameras, and one video from St. Petersburg showed exactly how some conmen do it.

The gang of criminals cruelly steal an unsuspecting man’s expensive camera lens, no doubt to sell it.

The shocking footage shows that tourists should be vigilant when dealing with local people who appear to be sale persons.

Another travel hack shared online revealed how you can never leave anything behind in the hotel safe again.

Once again Redditors sprung into action to give advice to would be travellers.

This one ensures holiday makers avoid an all too common mistake.

Reddit user mdowney gave the advice after having “flown over a million miles on business to over 40 countries”.

The trick involves using some brightly coloured string or cord.

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