Now, a dating app that sends singletons on romantic getaways with strangers


We have all been there. Sitting with a blind date, wondering what went wrong that you actually agreed on coming for the date. A two-hour Tinder date can be awkward enough, but what if you were stuck with the person for an entire holiday?

It turns out that’s something that people are actually signing up to, thanks to dating sites like MissTravel.

Apparently, he dating app lets singletons search for a potential partner based on their looks, interests… and holiday preferences.

Members of both sexes can create trip requests by filling out a basic outline of where they plan to go, what they plan to do, and how long they plan to be away.

The app offers three types of trips, meeting up with someone and travelling to a new place together, meeting someone at your chosen location, and meeting someone where they are from.

Other members can then get in touch if they also like the look of the trip.

While the website claims that it is just for travel lovers, it was founded by Brandon Wade, who also runs the sugar daddy dating website – so it does have a hint of sleaze about it.

Interestingly, several women have publicly admitted that they use the site to travel the world and stay in expensive hotels – leaving the bill to rich men.

The website now has more than 800,000 members worldwide.

However, travelling with someone you don’t know has plenty of pitfalls, so the site has a list of tips for anyone planning a trip with a stranger for example, members are encouraged to share their itineraries with friends and family before travelling, meet for the first time in a public location and preferably meet the person before the holiday starts.

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