One Killed After Driver Plows Into Crowd Aiding Wounded Men, Police Say


Law enforcement at the scene on Sunday in Queens, where the police said a man stabbed two people, then drove his car into a crowd tending to the wounded.

Uli Seit for The New York Times

Just before dawn on Sunday, outside a hookah bar in Jamaica, Queens, a brutal fight broke out over a prosaic urban commodity: a parking space.

The fight turned deadly when one of the men involved stabbed two others, then, moments later, drove his car onto the sidewalk and plowed into a crowd of people tending to his victims, the police said. One man was killed, and six people were injured. Some were stabbed; others had bones broken by the car.

David Barrere, an assistant chief of the New York Police Department, explained what happened at a news conference at the scene on Sunday afternoon. Nearby, glass and blood strewed the road. Not 50 feet from where the body of the man who was killed had lain for hours under a white tarp on Sunday morning before emergency crews took him away. Police identified the man as Richardo Chattergoon, 23.

The fight began at 4:30 a.m. on Liberty Avenue, outside XS NYC, between a man in a white Hyundai sedan and two others in a BMW, according to the police. As the argument grew heated, all three stepped out of their cars. The man in the Hyundai took out a knife and plunged it into the torsos of the other men, then got back in his car and drove partway down the street, the police said.

Family members of Richardo Chattergoon, 23, who was killed in the attack. The police said they had arrested the man responsible.

Uli Seit for The New York Times

A group of people who had seen the attack came to the aid of the two wounded men, and they began to help the pair down Liberty Avenue. In an instant, the police said, the white Hyundai returned, mounting the sidewalk at 128th Street and plowing into the group.

Six people were hit. Mr. Chattergoon was crushed and died at the scene, according to police. A second man, 29, who had been stabbed, was in critical condition, the police said. Four others, three men and one woman, were injured by the car. All were taken to Jamaica Medical Center, where they were treated for their injuries, among them a broken pelvis and a broken leg.

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