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Cosmopolitan, a women’s magazine known for providing young adults with celebrity gossip, dating advice, beauty tips, trends and sex tips, has plummeted.

Cosmo started out as a decent entertainment source but has become a major disgrace to the journalism field. The magazine consistently gives unhealthy, emotionally abusive relationship advice, harmful sex tips and questionable life advice. Its printed articles suggesting men who swallow while talking, groom themselves well, have a higher sex drive or simply seem happy are cheating on their girlfriends. These statements are downright absurd and can cause unnecessary tension and stress in relationships for no reason.

Cosmopolitan should use their platform to promote safe and beneficial entertainment to young women. As well as content, the writing has become casual and juvenile. I’m convinced an 8th grader could articulate their thoughts in a more sophisticated manner than Cosmopolitan writers. With a targeted demographic of mainly young women, they could do a better job catering to their readers.

If they began publishing more articles where they talk about important issues such as equal pay, sexual harassment and women’s health, they’d be taken more seriously. Critics on social media often refer to the outrageous, stupid headlines as a poor excuse for entertainment journalism.  In recent years, the magazine has been continuously mocked and criticized for their content. In an article written by Therese Schwenkler  regarding recent articles from the magazine, she wrote, “America is inundated with stupid advice for young women– advice that is not only silly, but pretty horrible as well.”

With a large platform, Cosmopolitan could make an astronomical impact on readers, but they choose to gallivant through social media, posting bizarre sex tips and questionable life advice. Overall, the world could definitely do without Cosmopolitan. In fact, there would probably be much less sexual-related injuries with the diminish of its existence.

Casey Pimentel is a 19-year-old mass communication sophomore from The Woodlands, Texas.

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