Panel recommends turning Lakeshore Golf Course into green space


OSHKOSH, Wis. (WBAY) – We’re learning more about what might be the future for the Lakeshore Golf Course now that a portion of the land will be sold to the Oshkosh Corporation for its new headquarters.

Oshkosh Golf Course

The defense contractor recently unveiled images of what its new headquarters will look like on 30 acres of the 100-acre Lakeshore site near Interstate 41 and Lake Butte des Morts. Construction is expected to start later this month.

While golf has been suspended for the time being, the debate continues over the remaining 70 acres at Lakeshore Golf Course not sold to the Oshkosh Corporation.

Two options are being discussed. This includes either the creation of a smaller golf course or a community park.

People Monday night spoke out before the city’s Advisory Park Board.

David Borsuk of Oshkosh said, “I think that what we need to look at is what best meets the needs of this community, and we know we’re deficit in park land.”

Dan Buttkel of Oshkosh supports the golf course. He said, “When you’re talking about undoing what’s there, taking away a golf course, that is a bell that cannot easily be un-rung.”

Eventually the board voted 5-2 to advise the council to proceed with a community park over a smaller, 9 hole golf course. What the park would look like is still unclear.

Oshkosh Parks Director Ray Mauer said, “What we will do is come back. If it’s a community park, we’ll have park master planning sessions for probably the next six to nine months take input from the community in what they’d like to see done at this point with the 70 acres. So it will all depend on what comes out of that process as well.”

Rob Hartley is among those who live in the neighborhood.

“They could have fishing piers, hiking trails. As we all know, Oshkosh Truck gave a considerable amount of money for a new hiking or running path around the lake. I think we have the potential of making an excellent park that everyone can use,” Hartley said.

The city council is expected to vote on the proposal before the end of this month.

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