Paul Merson said something quite remarkable about the Carabao Cup


Hands up if you think the Carabao Cup is bigger than the FA Cup.

We see just the one hand in the air out there. Who’s that?

Oh, it’s Paul Merson. Of course it bloody is.

Merson has a habit of coming out with outlandish statements and it’s what has turned him into one of the most beloved members of the Soccer Saturday panel.

Merse tends to speak before he thinks and it’s quite an endearing quality when he’s not talking about your team.

The highlight reel of his spoutings has been played to death on Sky Sports’ compilations over the years but he’s come up with an absolute doozy this week as he incredibly claimed that he’d prefer to see former side Arsenal win the Carabao Cup over the FA Cup.

Discussing the Gunners’ dramatic comeback victory over Norwich in the League Cup midweek, Merson bizarrely claimed that the Carabao Cup is bigger than the oldest association football competition in the world.

“If you look at Arsenal, they’re not winning the Premier League,” Merson said on Sky Sports’ debate show. “And these two cups are big cups for them. The FA Cup and the League Cup are big cups.

“I don’t care what anybody says about this League Cup, it’s a big trophy.

“If Tottenham didn’t go out, the top five teams would have been in it.

“The League Cup is a big cup. I’m going to say yeah (it is bigger than the FA Cup) at the moment and I’ll tell you why… Because it finishes in February.”

That’s right up there with the most ludicrous things ever uttered in football, we’re sure you agree.

And football fans all had to rewind to make sure they hadn’t misheard the 49-year-old.

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