PE teacher and mum creates mini outdoor gym for kids


FITNESS fanatic Martine Lewis-Mitchell has set up a garden obstacle course to get her kids off screens and outdoors.

The PE teacher and her children, Sienna, Jaxson and Madison pass the time with hurdles and running circuits instead of TV and computer games.

And the Bentleigh East mum is hoping to inspire other parents get their kids having fun while getting fitter.

“These days I see a lot of kids that aren’t active at school. I want other parents to be a bit creative and say let’s not just put the kids in front of the TV,” Ms Lewis-Mitchell said.

“I’m hoping to inspire more families.”

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Martine Lewis Mitchell is a bodybuilder who loves to share health and fitness tips. Pictured with her kids Jaxson 8, Madison 4 and Sienna 10 at their garden obstacle course. Picture by Wayne Taylor

Ms Lewis-Mitchell spent her own childhood playing plenty of sports and eating nutritiously. She’s kept that habit up and at the age of 44 competes in bodybuilding competitions.

While her kids have developed a love for dumbbells and bicep curls too, they’re also out most weekends doing callisthenics, tennis, athletics, taekwondo or swimming.

Ms Lewis-Mitchell hopes her kids will pass their love for sport onto the next generation.

“They know it’s healthy for them and their bodies — I’m showing them what’s good and what’s not so good.”

How do you and your kids keep active? Have you got any creative fitness routines?

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