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Super Stock driver Thomas Marlow races during NHRA AAA Texas FallNationals drag racing on Sunday at Texas Motorplex in Ennis. Brittany Force won the AAA Texas FallNationals on Sunday, setting a track record at 3.681 seconds.

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Homeowners underwater: Some homes that repeatedly flood could lose insurance under a proposed federal overhaul.

‘I donʼt matter in all of this’: A North Texas woman tells how an Obamacare rollback will affect her future.

Freedom from religion: A federal judge has ruled that a mock nativity scene was wrongly removed from the Texas Capitol two years ago.

Freedom of speech: A GOP lawmaker is suing Texas Southern University over his canceled address.


Regular DMN opinion contributor Father Joshua Whitfield, pastoral administrator for St. Rita Catholic Community in Dallas, writes about how a former Las Vegas mayor’s comments on the Oct. 1 mass shooting there exemplify why such tragedies keep occurring:

Former Sin City mayor Oscar Goodman offered his take on CNN about the Las Vegas shooter, Stephen Paddock. He offered opinions both philosophical and theological — and they were pure nonsense.

“This guy isn’t going to change the way I live my life,” he said with all the proud gruff of a comfortable retiree. “I’m smiling about this guy,” he went on with dogmatic confidence, “because I know he’s rotting in hell.” Rooming with notorious Nazi Josef Mengele now, he said. Obviously.

Goodman said defiantly that his wife still chants “Carpe diem!” every day as he leaves his house. Cheerfully, he answers with exiting refrain, “#YOLO!” Indeed, we live only once, he mused stoically. And so that’s what he intends to keep doing, because that’s just how he lives. And it’s how he thinks we should live, too.

“Heartsick,” of course, but let’s still have a drink, and celebrate the “lives they had,” Goodman said. That’s how we should respond to the massacre in Las Vegas: bravado and a drink. That’s Oscar Goodman’s advice, #YOLO.

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