Police investigating ‘serious assault’ outside McDonald’s in town centre – LATEST UPDATES


Number of incidents near McDonald’s

This attack is yet another to add to a grim toll of violent crime there this year.

It includes mass fights on consecutive nights in July which led exasperated police and council officials to look at what can be done to stop it from keep happening.At 4.20am on Saturday, July 1 20 people were involved in a fracas inside McDonald’s which resulted in a 20-year-old man being arrested on suspicion of causing violent disorder.

By sheer coincidence at exactly the same time on Sunday, July 2, 30 people involved in a melee outside McDonald’s at 4.20am which resulted in two men being arrested on suspicion of causing an affray.

And at the end of last week a teen thug admitted in court to a brutal attack outside McDonald’s at 4.30am on Sunday, May 7.District Judge Michael Fanning told 19-year-old Troy Augustine that he was sparing him from prison “by a squeak”, adding that members of the public were “sick to death” of the escalating levels of violence.

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