Rugby Championship 2017: Wallabies v Argentina


Follow along live as the Wallabies take on Argentina in Mendoza.

Win needed: Australia will be looking to get their second win of the Rugby Championship, the first coming from Argentina.
Win needed: Australia will be looking to get their second win of the Rugby Championship, the first coming from Argentina. Photo: AP
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TRY: Argentina 20 Australia 27

A lovely move from the Wallabies and they’ve made the breakthrough.

Hooper bursts quickly from behind a maul, running a rapid line towards centre-field and pops blindly to Reece Hodge running an aggressive overs line behind him.

He’s covered well by the defense but Genia is in support. He makes his way over the try line to wrap up the lead for now.

Foley gets one off the tee from a bit further out this time. It starts out right but just sneaks back inside the upright to add the extra couple.

They’re having a look at some potential foul play after Argentinian No.8 Lezana is knocked out.

Korobiete is chasing a kick and is coming in real hot as the Puma leans forward to burst away.

It appears the Wallabies’ winger has made a bit of contact with to the chin but it’s been deemed okay and accidental.

Unfortunately Lezana has had to leave the field on a stretcher. Let’s hope he’s okay.

Wallabies scrum as the ref deemed the visitors to be in possession when play was stopped.

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TRY: Argentina 20 Australia 20

Rodda off for Simmons.

Five metre scrum Argentina-way after a lovely short grubber into the corner. Beale hopes to let it run through but he’s forced to take possession and is forced over in-goal.

The Wallabies hold them steadfast at first, then the push comes. They don’t get far an halfback Landajo is forced to intervene. 

A few balls out to the right and it’s up to the respective backlines to do their work.

Gonzalez Iglesias drifts across and the defense goes with him. Genia is covering but is looking to get across Koroibete who is headed that way as well.

Iglesias spots the wide open channel created as a result and is through with ease after cutting in.

Sanchez won’t have trouble from here and the scores are even!

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TRY: Argentina 13 Australia 20

It’s a big call from the captain but he’s clearly more interested in a full seven points.

Folau finds himself with the football after the set play but he’s once again met with a big tackle before he can make anything happen.

The ball moves central and a one-man cleanout opens up options for Genia, but he’ll hit Foley at first reciever.

A big left foot step from the No.10 and he’s straight through. Easy money!

Foley with a confidence boost straight in front – the two he’s managed have been from right under them.

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A little back magic spreads the ball to Israel Folau on the right sideline. He’s always a strong carrier of the ball and he’s met with a tackle to match – but there’s a penalty after the ruck.

Genia takes it quickly or potentially plays on, it’s hard to tell, but it’s to the same effect: Wallabies hitting the try line.

In the end the ball gets stuck close to the try line and the referee takes it back.

Australia will have a chance to attack the line once again. Can Argentina hold them out?

So far so good, but it’s cost them a penalty (hands in the ruck).

They’re five out and in front – an easy three points – but Hooper bravely elects for the scrum. 

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Argentina 13 Australia 13

The Wallabies are looking a little tired out there. They’ve been working hard to no real avail on the scoreboard.

A welcome penalty comes along and Hooper quickly points to the sticks.

It’s still Foley lining up amid the screeches of the home support. The same group erupt in collective cheers as the No.10 misses right.

That’s one from five attempts and what could have been a significant lead for the visitors.

We’re back on!

Sanchez puts it up for Argentina and the Wallabies take possession.

It will be cleared via the boot of Beale and it’s struck really well. He’s put it out around the opposition 40.

Argentina cough it up a few balls out from the lineout! Australia coming in hot here.

Rapid phases until it’s lost or stolen at the key moment. Football cleared shortly afterward and the Wallabies begin again.

High octane start!

HALF TIME: Argentina 13 Wallabies 13

Argentina awarded a penalty for a dangerous tackle prior to the knock on.

They’ll attempt to salvage something here after the siren but the Wallabies manage trap the football in the ruck.

That’ll be the half and it’s been a cracker so far! The crowd will be agitated the no try decision, but they would have to be pleased with the way their charges have performed so far.

A decision here or there and they could easily be ahead. 

The Wallabies have looked most dominant when taking the ball up in the opposition 22 through the forwards.

It’s built pressure and managed to create a try after a Pumas positioning misstep.

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NO TRY: Argentina 13 Wallabies 13

What a move! The Wallabies left napping as the half time siren approached. Great try.

Nicolas Sanchez makes the break and he’s got about four blue shirts chasing him – none in gold.

Kurtley Beale makes up a whole lot of ground to cover but Sanchez guides Joaquin Tuculet onto his inside hip to navigate the Wallaby and he’s away!

Celebrations – the crowd is going absolutely mental. Hang on, they’re having a look at something here..

A knock on just before Sanchez picked up the football and made his break. Heartbreak for Argentina – they thought they’d snatched the lead.



PEN: Argentina 13 Wallabies 13

No such drama for Sanchez. He’s just knocked over his third from as many attempts to level the scores, following another centre-field penalty.

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TRY: Argentina 10 Wallabies 13

Vision! An unmarked Reece Hodge is hit on the chest with ease from halfback. Genia knew he was there – the Pumas did not.

Argentinian bodies had been brought central for an expected pick-and-drive effort and they lost track of the try-scorer.

Foley seems to be having a bit of trouble from the tee… A nudge from the sideline is never an easy feat but he’s missed three of four attempts now and the one he got was a gimme.

Will be interesting to see if he persists.


Polota-Nau cleans up a spill from up top in the lineout. That’s a great scramble from the big man to dive on the loose ball. 

He’s an absolute asset to the pack.

Australia making inroads once again. Once they get settled in this end of the pitch it’s inevitable they’ll break through. 

It’s still quick rugby – don’t get me wrong – but it’s slower than the pace we’ve seen Argentina take the game to and it seems as if that’s how the Wallabies will be better placed to complete.

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PEN: Argentina 10 Wallabies 8

It’s turned into a real high-paced contest. End-to-end stuff!

You look away for a few seconds and suddenly the attacking pressure is going the other way.

A good Argentinian break could have been converted if not for an offload going astray. I thought they’d done enough.

Hooper gets caught in the ruck and Nicholas Sanchez will snatch the lead from right in front. No dramas whatsoever from inside the 22.

TRY: Argentina 7 Wallabies 8

Argentina probing the Wallabies’ line now. Real pressure on the visitors’ defensive line but so far they’ve stood up to the task.

But they won’t keep them out! Eight phases and Matias Alemanno manages to plant it at the foot of the post.

He looked to be coming up short but he’s managed to reach out and make contact with the cushion around the upright – which counts as a five-pointer, despite sticking out a little from the chalk.

Easy points off the tee and scoreboard pressure returns. Great response.

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TRY: Argentina 0 Wallabies 8

On receipt of the ball the Wallabies come back strong. 

A lovely back move. Few balls out the back followed by a pinpoint cutout ball to Marika Koroibete on the wing. Lovely stuff.

That takes the pressure off the Australians somewhat, but they’ll do well to keep pushing. The Pumas have been very quiet the last five minutes or so.

Foley from the sideline can’t add the extras – a smidge to the right this time.

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Argentina 0 Wallabies 3

Argentinian No.3 Tetaz Chaparro in a bit of strife after a hit up. Both sides take a little breather as he has a seeing to from the physio, but he rejoins the pack ahead of a Pumas scrum.

(Yeah, another knock on.)

This time, the angling in penalty is awarded the other way. Tetaz Chaparro was right in front of the referee; clear cut.

Foley will have another crack from dead centre – this one’s a bit further out at about 30 meters.

Shouldn’t have any trouble… but he’s missed it! He can’t quite believe it but he’s managed to drag it just to the left of the upright.

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PEN: Argentina 0 Wallabies 3

Australia earn a penalty (not rolling away) at the 22 marker and elect to kick for the lineout rather than take the three points on offer.

Once again, they go to a maul but this time make it to within a few metres of the try line.

Referee offers advantage for said maul being collapsed by the Pumas, and plays another advantage for an offside.

The play is broken up and given the option, Wallabies captain Michael Hooper will ask Foley to take the points.

Argentina 0 Wallabies 0

Australia with a big visit to the opposition 22. They had six or seven phases within, but just like Argentina before them they’ve knocked on and relieved the pressure before it was fully applied.

Argentina awarded a scrum and a penalty awarded against the Australians from it, (front row angling in). 

ANOTHER error shortly afterwards as the Pumas head back to the short side just a few phases after the lineout.

That’s three handling errors a piece in the opening ten minutes.

Another error from the Pumas and a wasted opportunity. 

No.12 Santiago Gonzalez Iglesias isn’t able to hold on to a pass headed behind him and he’s knocked on. 

If they can ge their eye in before they lose sight of their intent, we could be in for a real contest here.

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