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Sac Republic clinches win, looks to MLS


The Sac Republic beat Phoenix Rising Football Club Saturday night 2-0, in the last home game of the regular season. (Sept. 31, 2017)

The Sac Republic beat Phoenix Rising Football Club Saturday night 2-0, in the last home game of the regular season.

Sacramento’s minor league team is waiting on Major League Soccer to decide whether to include them in the pro league.

ABC10’s Becca Habegger shows us why people are excited for the decision.

“I think we have a great fan base and there’s no reason why we shouldn’t have the team,” fan Scott Armstrong said.

“This is our last regular season home game before that MLS date where that’s decided, and we just can’t thank our fans enough for everything they’ve done,” Sac Republic Chief Operating Officer Ben Gumpert said. “The MLS will name two teams in December to start play as an MLS team in 2020.”

The team reached out to fans with surveys and focus groups and received some 20,000 responses, Gumpert said, on what they’d like to see in a new MLS stadium, which is set to go in at the old railyards in downtown Sacramento.

“I appreciate how they’ve included the fans’ ideas and suggestions,” Sac Republic season ticket-holder Ada Arevalo said. “It’s really going to be a city-built environment, so we’re looking forward to seeing the end product.”

Arevalo’s fellow season ticket-holder and soccer mom Neeta Nathoo said she’d like to see the new stadium “more family-friendly, too, and a little bit more security, I think, so we can feel our kids are safe.”

“The Railyard Stadium, as you know, is one of the only approved MLS stadiums of all the cities that are applying, and we started with our groundbreaking back in July,” Gumpert said.

“We were the first team to break ground, so I’m hoping that it puts us ahead of everybody else,” Armstrong said.

“We’re optimistic,” Arevalo said. “We know it’s coming and we’re excited, and we want more information as the time gets closer.”

Mid-December is that date when Major League Soccer will give its decision. Gumpert said the Sac Republic would continue playing at Papa Murphy’s Park on the grounds of Cal Expo through the 2019 season.

There are currently 22 teams in Major League Soccer, with two already in California and another on the way. Sac Republic would make the state’s fourth MLS team if – and many say when – it becomes official.

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