Salem Golf Club burglar caught on camera


A burglar at Salem Golf Club was caught on camera on New Years Day. (Salem Golf Club)

SALEM, Ore. (KOIN) — Salem Golf Club was burglarized on New Years Day and the suspect was caught on surveillance camera.

A view of the Salem Golf Club. (Salem Golf Club)

“When I arrived here I saw glass all over the floor and some on the counter,” Range Manager Jacob Dejong tells KOIN 6 News.

Dejong looked at the surveillance footage and saw the man take a golf club to the door. He then comes back 5 minutes later to take some more hits through the bottom right window.

He couldn’t get in during this attempt but came back 6 hours later and knocked out the upper right window. He set off an alarm and went running – only to come back 20 minutes later.

“The guy definitely knew what locks to go for, so it kind of made me wonder if he’s obviously scoped the building out before,” Head golf pro Ryan Woodward says.

He didn’t take any equipment but he did leave a partial look at his face on the cameras. The course is hoping someone recognizes him and contacts police.


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