School receives new classroom technology


MERIDIAN, Miss. (WTOK) – A local school has received new classroom technology designed to enhance the learning experience.

Southeast Lauderdale High has installed Promethean Interactive Flat Panels in eleven classrooms to replace projectors. Teachers may now better incorporate digital media into their lessons, making the learning process more effective to students. The new technology also has touch screen capabilities.

“These boards make it much easier for teachers to integrate digital media into their classroom, says Principal Russell Keene. “Where the old projectors would fade out, where you couldn’t read it, or you’d have to cut the lights off, or if you were in a different part of the room you couldn’t see it.”

The school was able to pay for this new equipment through school fundraising and help from both the school board and the Phil Hardin Foundation.

“They’re interactive panels compared to the older technology using projectors. So we’re really excited about it, and it’ll give our classrooms a real boost as far as the technology, and more up to date compared to the rest of the country,” Principal Keene says.

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