Sevilla to report Manchester United to Uefa as Champions League ticket row intensifies


However, Sevilla have reacted angrily to United’s measures and want Uefa to intervene.

“Sevilla will be in contact with Uefa over both Manchester United’s failure to make five per cent of tickets available to away fans, as well as the club’s price increase after a formal application for an away allocation,” their statement read. “Sevilla will also look to guarantee that no Sevillista pays a penny more than any Manchester United fan for similar tickets – as competition regulations dictate.”

United said they would welcome the chance to discuss the matter with Uefa. A club spokesman said: “We can only accommodate a certain number of away fans, equating to about 4.1 per cent of stadium capacity, due to safety reasons. This has been discussed with Uefa on a number of occasions and is supported by both the police and the safety advisory group.

“We are aware of the regulations regarding equal pricing for home and away fans and we will comply. We welcome Uefa’s willingness to discuss these issues.”

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