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Simone is in the studio with Grace Arielle from Pre-Dating Speed Dating learning some tips for speed dating.

TIP #1: Think of Your Top 5 Favorite Things To Do. Seems silly, but when you only have 6 minutes to talk to someone, you may forget to bring up some important things you want that person to know.

TIP #2: Keep it Simple When you have 6 minutes to talk to someone, you want to keep your conversation positive and simple. Avoid tough subjects such as politics, social issues, etc. Keep the conversation fun, and positive.

TIP #3: Avoid The “Ex” Talking about your ex is the number one turn off for both men and women alike. Eventually, once a relationship begins to develop, the subject of ex’s will come up, but for your first introduction, leave the ex at the door!

TIP #4: Check Your Body Language As people, we communicate not only by verbalization, but visually too. Make sure to keep an open and engaging stance when speed-dating (or any initial date for that matter). Stay away from crossing your arms, or other “closed off” behavior, as that signals to the other person that you are not interested.

TIP #5: Dress to Impress One of the most important things in an initial introduction is how you present yourself. Dress your age, and for your body type. Regardless of your size, height, etc. if your clothes, hair, makeup, etc. is off, or gives the wrong impression, it can completely ruin your chances of getting picked.

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