Tennis Australia Launches Hackathon for Forced & Unforced Errors Problem


Tennis – Tennis Australia’s Game Insight Group has launched a Tennis Hackathon in order to help tennis officials solve a particular problem – how to automate the calling of forced and unforced errors. The hackathon is called ‘From AO to AI’ and is a partnership between GIG and CrowdANALYTIX, a data pioneer based in the Silicon Valley.

The hackathon will run during the lead-up events as well as during the Australian Open with the winner being awarded $5,000 which will be announced during the finals weekend of the Australian Open. Tennis Australia CEO Craig Tiley commented, “In simple terms, we want to do our bit in launching a statistical revolution in tennis.

We believe it will help keep our sport relevant and provide even more connection with fans across the globe. This is just a starting point.”

Tennis Australia Head of Innovation Dr Machar Reid commented, “For more than 40 years, tennis matches have been described using the terms – first serve percentage, second serve percentage, unforced errors, forced errors, yet we still are unable to consistently define what some of them mean.

This competition has been set up to try to remove this guesswork so that we can begin to advance the sport. We eventually hope to have tennis data and analysis at the same level as other major global sports. In the end it is all about giving everyone involved – the fans, coaches, media, administrators – an even greater appreciation of what makes this sport and its athletes so special.

It is a successful method which has led to some amazing innovations. This will be the first time it is applied to tennis in this way and holding it during the Australian Open is the perfect time to generate the most interest.” Also Read – Andy Murray Pulls Out of Brisbane Due to Ongoing Hip Problems .

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