Theresa May stands by Damian Green as he prepares to take her place at PMQs


Theresa May last night defended her decision to allow Damian Green to stand in for her at Prime Minister’s Questions as she embarked on a trip to the Middle East to champion women’s rights.

Speaking on the plane on the way to Jordan the Prime Minister said Mr Green, who is currently under investigation amid allegations of inappropriate behaviour towards women, will “do a good job”.

It came amid claims Mrs May should have chosen another minister to take her place at the weekly question and answer session because of the allegations against the First Secretary of State.

Asked about what her decision says about her support for victims of sexual abuse Mrs May said: “Well the First Secretary of State has deputised for me at Prime Minister’s Question time before, obviously there are considerations continuing of these issues but he is First Secretary of State, he has done PMQs before and I am sure…

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