Travel Blogger Makes Astonishing Amount Of Money From Instagram Posts


A travel blogger has explained how she is able to make hundreds of pounds for a single Instagram post.

Hayley Anderson, 25, gets paid to travel the world and earns anywhere from AUD $450 (£267) to AUD $900 (£535) for an Instagram post alone.

“I have been constantly travelling for the past two years, and do not plan on slowing down anytime soon,” she told the Daily Mail.

“The thought of going home and going back to a normal job actually gives me high anxiety.”

She rakes in the wonga through sponsored posts and through collaborations with brands, working alongside her boyfriend Kyle to create the content.

And the Aussie travel addict even has tips for anybody looking to get better ‘likes’ on their own Instagrams.

Explaining her tactics, she said : “I likes to post when it is night time back home, where most of my audience is based that way I get the best engagement.

“I also like to post one a day or every second day to keep my audience interested.”

She also adds captions to the pictures. Whilst visiting Omen, for instance, she posted a picture with the caption: “Dancing my way through the Fortresses of Oman. This country is full of surprises! Watch my stories for our unexpected blissful day today.”

Personally I can barely get five likes on my Instagram posts, so fair fucks to her for smashing it.

You can check out her Instagram here.

Featured Image Credit: Instagram


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