WBA Vote To Make VADA Drug Testing Program Mandatory

WBA Vote To Make VADA Drug Testing Program Mandatory
WBA Vote To Make VADA Drug Testing Program Mandatory

The World Boxing Association (WBA) Board of Directors voted in favor of the “Fair Boxing” program being implemented in a compulsory way in the regional and world fighting championships for the top 15 rankings of the organization.

During the second shift of the WBA Board Meeting, they agreed by voting that boxers for this type of fights should be enrolled in the Voluntary Anti-Doping Association (VADA) program. The motion was proposed by the President of the WBA, Gilberto Jesus Mendoza, as a way to achieve a fairer sport.

Mendoza invited all organizations that have not joined to work together with VADA, and do it now to the boxing’s benefit. The executive explained that being registered in the association’s program does not mean that fighters will be tested for each fight, but tests will be done randomly as it is done normally by VADA.

He also explained that if it is necessary, promoters can request tests before the fights and take charge of the costs arising.

After the motion was approved, the Board left the responsibility of creating a committee to manage and carry out the program on Mendoza’s behalf.


IN OTHER NEWS: The reorganization of the World Boxing Association (WBA) will be carried out thoroughly. Every board member offered their resignation to favor changes that can bring benefits to the association, as well as direct it to what it desires.

Every board member attending to the meeting in Medellin during the timeframe of the WBA Convention, signed the agreement that allows the President of the WBA, Gilberto Jesus Mendoza, to make the changes he considers necessary to achieve an easier and more practical functioning regarding the association’s senior management.

Mendoza will make important decisions for what will be a new era for the association and he expects this will help to direct the WBA towards the goals set.

The president thanked the board member’s willingness and assured that every change will be made for the organization’s benefit.

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