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The weight loss diet that helped this woman lose 53 pounds in a year has been publicised by the internet user, who claims it was ‘simple’.

Imgur user Slamernator took to the sharing site to post a before and after image of her stomach just a year apart. 

The woman, who has lost 3.8 stone in a year, revealed that she follows three simple diet rules that have helped her cut down her weight.

She said: “I basically eat chicken, eggs, and veggies on a daily basis.

“I’m really not a good cook/don’t like cooking at all, so I keep my meals pretty simple.”

The internet user overhauled her snacks too, adding: “I snack on fruit, nuts, and a lot of greek yogurt.”

Not eating late in the day is also a part of the dieter’s weight loss regimen.

She said: “I try reaaaally hard not to eat after 6 or 7pm.”

Most good diets go hand in hand with exercise, and the Imgur user admits she works out every day of the week, except for Sundays.

She said: “As far as exercises go, I do 20 mins straight on the stair master. 

“Then I use a machine called Jacobs Ladder for a total of 20 mins but I can only do 5 mins at a time. I also lift. I do this every day besides Sunday!”

The woman explained her diet was relatively simple, and that those looking to lose weight should avoid jumping on trends in order to do it.

She said: “A lot of people try countless fad diets and don’t see results that last. Well I’m posting to tell you that it really is as simple as eating healthy and exercising. 

“I’ve lost 53 pounds since last year from literally just eating food that isn’t s***** and exercising on a daily basis.”

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