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Sharing his before and after weight loss transformation pictures to Reddit, the man revealed he lost eight stone six pounds over five years.

He explained he was 23 years old, 6ft and started out at 20 stone four pounds.

But after pushing himself, he lost an impressive amount of weight, and he was happy to share his tips and tricks.

Directing questions to a longer blog post he had written on his weight loss, the man revealed his name is Giovanni and he lives in Australia.

Explaining how he got started, he wrote: “I started weighing myself daily and logging my weight through a free app on my phone.

“I was also using another app (also free) to track my daily meals which conveniently gave me the option to scan barcodes and input very specific details about my meals.

“After about a week of logging my weight and tracking my food consumption, I started walking, jogging and sprinting for 40 minutes around my block every night.”

He lost just over two stone in two months with this simple plan. But he wasn’t done there.

After suffering a mystery illness, he went gluten free, eating “chicken, veggies and brown rice” every day.

He also hit the gym, using free workouts every day. He got down to 14 stone following this strict plan, but his goal was to get to under 12 stone.

He moved on to the Paleo diet plan, and upped his gym routine. He explained: “Making gym my number one priority performing 30 minutes of high intensity interval cardio on the treadmill before my resistance training everyday for (what I can remember to be) over 3-4 months.”

He hit his goal weight, and shared an update one year on.

Giovanni revealed he is now 13 stone, and follows a plant based diet. Detailing his progress, he said: “I’m currently sitting at 85kgs and building. I go to the gym 6 days a week, my skin has retracted back to more than what I thought it would.”

Sharing his top tips, he said: “The best diet I have ever been on is the plant based diet.

“There will always be dark days, it is nobody’s obligation but yours to keep sticking at your goals.

“If you want to succeed, keep your plans to yourself. People CAN and WILL throw you off.”

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