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“Sofia is the lowest ranked EU country on the World Press Freedom Index.” In other words, the media has not been reined in by some socialist/liberal political elite à la Germany or Sweden.

Posted on 1/11/18 | 8:44 PM CET

Boyan Taksirov


No. The elite reining the press and almost everything else is not quite liberal.

Posted on 1/11/18 | 9:03 PM CET


Finally some words of sanity. Hopefully, Bulgarians realize, as Greeks already have, that in the event that their elected leadership becomes uncomfortable for Berlin, they will come for you. They will use their proxy, EU Commission, but at the end of the day, we all know who calls the shots in EU. EU wasn’t supposed to be like this. When Poland agreed to join, we were sold on a structure which was more advanced than a trade union, but primarily a trade union. This structure has since morphed into something that is slowly resembling a Franco-German empire, which we did not express consent for. Neither did British, it appears. Based on Politico’s recent article about further integration, overwhelming majority of Europeans support the former concept too.

Posted on 1/11/18 | 9:13 PM CET

Boyan Taksirov


Don’t worry,

Jeszcze Polska Nie Zginęła

There is still a time for you to escape the Franco-German beast!

Posted on 1/11/18 | 9:16 PM CET


I’m not. I don’t want to escape the EU i.e. the trade block, as that would be suicidal. But if I do stay, I want no further integration. That said, I’m not denying that choice to other Europeans. Come to think of it, two speed union with a number of opt-outs would serve us best. Unfortunately as Brexit has shown, eventually EU gets sick and tired of agreeing to opt-outs and leaves you no choice.

Posted on 1/11/18 | 9:24 PM CET

Boyan Taksirov


How do you imagine that in reality?
If there is two(or more) speed EU, the level of each country influence in EU governance
and institutions should be also variable and in relation to the country’s involvement in the EU structures, programs and frameworks. For an example, if Poland opposes adoption of the Euro, ECJ, common policy, etc, so it couldn’t have the same decision power which the more integrated countries have. Otherwise it may serve as a “Trojan Horse” of powers competitive to the EU(and in the same time being funded from the EU).

Posted on 1/11/18 | 9:43 PM CET


I do realize that as someone outside of inner core, the outer countries on outer core would not have as much influence. Essentially, EU would have to create an associate state status. These associate states would have to follow all of EU’s guidelines on the freedom of goods, capital and services. The freedom of labor along with renaming issues would be under local control. These way the EU benefits from contributions from the associate state while the associate state benefits from fruits of trade block.

Posted on 1/11/18 | 10:00 PM CET

Boyan Taksirov


So, you would like EU to Poland to mean just a trading bloc. The same, what the UK wants?

Posted on 1/11/18 | 10:05 PM CET


Pretty much. We, just as you, were under Communism for 45 years. I’m not comparing EU to Communism, however, let us enjoy our freedom for little bit longer. If down the road, popular mood changes, we can work towards full blown integration with the core countries. Keep in mind, as I stated in my prior comment, Politico recently ran an article which indicated that overwhelming majority of the Europeans are for the current status quo i.e. they don’t want further integration.

Posted on 1/11/18 | 10:16 PM CET


Well, Donald-little-Tusk got an earful – finally – from inside his own political formation.

Unprecedented behavior by the President of the European Council, indeed.

Posted on 1/11/18 | 10:19 PM CET


In that case you stupid idiot stay out of the EU with your stupid and corrupted country and the shut up.

Posted on 1/11/18 | 10:21 PM CET

Boyan Taksirov


So I guess, you should follow the UK path in such a case.
But as you see from the Brexit negotiations, cherry-picking is hard.

Posted on 1/11/18 | 10:22 PM CET



We joined a trading block in 1973.

It now believes itself to be a superstate which we never voted for.

Trade has been rigged in favour of the French and Germans. It was promised that CAP would be reformed. It wasn’t . It was promised that there would be a single market on services. There isn’t.

Why should we pay 10billion a year in order to have a 90billion a year deficit on trade with the EU? It makes no sense.

If it had remained a reformed trading block we would have remained.

If the EU wants to push towards much more integration then the people need to be asked. The elites in the government can not be trusted to make an objective decision on our behalf as they stand to gain a lot from the high level opportunities the EU offers to them.

IF people decide they want to be part of a superstate that is fine. But they need to be asked, as many people are unhappy with the current direction

Posted on 1/11/18 | 10:31 PM CET


Tusk is one of the most disgraced politicians in Poland that escaped to Brussels under Merkel’s skirt when he realised that his party – Civic Platform was going to loose coming elections among numerous scandals
Now he is a disgrace in Brussels where he is not able “to remain neutral, impartial” what is a basic requirement for eurocrats as Bulgarian Prime Minister Boyko Borisov rightfully reminded to Tusk.

Posted on 1/11/18 | 10:45 PM CET

Boyan Taksirov


I am not criticizing neither the UK nor some of the poles here, for wanting to exit the EU.
This is not the case. It is yours will, after all.

What I find not very honest is the attempt for undermining the EU and the direction it is headed to. If you are out(or soon will be), why should you impose your opinion on EU matters? You say, you don’t want EU to have influence over the UK policies. That I do understand. But you are giving ideas about the development of the EU, while you are leaving.

About the referendums for further integration.
I definitely do not agree with such an idea. This is the most destructive idea at all. And I think, that you are intelligent enough to know it.
EU consists of 27 states. There are huge differences in cultures, standards, policies, political landscapes, level of corruption, USA-Russia-China influence, attitudes etc. between these member states. So, such referendums will create chaos, and definitely there would be no coherent results. This will stop everything and cripple the EU.

Referendums can be held only in specific circumstances, and only when people are well educated on the topic. Only then the people can make an informed decision.
Otherwise is populism.

Posted on 1/11/18 | 10:46 PM CET



You often criticise us but never give any evidence to back up your claims.

What makes your constant criticism and accusations more annoying is that Britain has been a loyal member of the EU for 45 years and during that time have made a total nett contribution of some 350 billion. Bulgaria has been a member for 10 years and receives some 2billion a year from the coffers that Britain contributes to.

So we have helped make the EU what it is, and this destructiveness and undermining that you have talked about, is in your own mind. It does not exist in the real world. How could we outvote 27 other nations?

So, should countries integrate more even if a majority of their voters do not want this? Do the elite know best and should just carry out their wishes against the will of their people?

Posted on 1/11/18 | 11:05 PM CET


Free access to so many markets means businesses need similar legal structures that govern public safety and fair trade. Ideally, the common EU market will benefit as little states get their financial houses in order and retire Leva, Zloti’s, etc., for the Euro. to enjoy these economic benefits, EU states must cede some of their sovereignty to the common good and the economic benefit to their individual states.

In the USA, there is a continual sturm und drang over state sovereignty since 1776 – even a civil war. Europe has a long history of authoritarian/monarchical rule and occasional flirtations with fascism. WWI & II might broadly be characterized as European civil wars. Everybody needs to take a deep breath, look at the UK, and then ponder whether Brexit will result in explosive economic prosperity, or painful decline. Even Nigel Farage seems to realize that the benefits of EU far outweigh the cost of a little sovereignty now and then.

Posted on 1/11/18 | 11:17 PM CET


If Poland stops being a net recipient of EU funds, there is very little reason for the country to remain in the Franco-German colonial project.

Posted on 1/11/18 | 11:21 PM CET

Boyan Taksirov


We can never get to one opinion about the role of the UK policy regarding the EU. We will enter an infinite discussion instead. It is a vast topic.

So, let’s better stick to the second question – should a referendum to be held in order the further integration of the EU to continue.
I wrote above why I am strongly against. An uninformed choice is worthless and dangerous. This is populism, not democracy.
If such referendums should be held, this should happen further in time, after all the Brexit mess is forgotten, the situation is normalised and the crisis is gone. And before them, a huge educational program must take place.
At this moment there is no need for such. EU is not affecting the life of the people in some restrictive or harmful way(migrants issue was an exception).

Posted on 1/11/18 | 11:21 PM CET

Praise for Donald Tusk

Donald Tusk spoke Bulgarian during his official speech at the start of Bulgarian presidency, he even cited Bulgarian poets and managed something the Bulgarian officials were unable to do, namely to lift the spirits of the Bulgarian people, given them some hope and elevate heir self-esteem.The stiff Bulgarian politicians lack empathy and a warm heart.No wonder, given that most of them are former communist apparatchiks. Many Bulgarians wonder, why Mr.Juncker always hugs and praises these former communists.Also to the editor of Politico: no need to specify that Borissov spoke Bulgarian.He doesn’t speak any foreign languages and even his Bulgarian is pretty poor. He’s a former bodyguard. As to the Freedom of the media index, there’s a reason for Bulgaria to be the laggard, it has to do with the ownership, and the ownership is by oligarchs monopolists and owners that have not been unveiled like Russians for example.And it’s the prime minister who distributes the EU funds to the media and of course they have to treat him favorably.

Posted on 1/11/18 | 11:44 PM CET

Boyan Taksirov

@Praise for Donald Tusk

The oligarchy in Bulgaria silently imposes caste society. It creates a social network, people benefited from the oligarchy in different ways. No “random” people are allowed to have any influence. Just the trustworthy people of the social network, infiltrating all social layers. Thus oligarchy tries to control everything, to ruin people, businesses, to do everything needed in silent and concealed way, so only the “right” people could have some economical independence and influence.

Posted on 1/11/18 | 11:57 PM CET


Ex PM Donald Tusk belong to the discredited, corrupt, criminal, and treacherous minority. Most of Poles. supports the Polish government PiS. Listings of support in surveys are growing every day!

Posted on 1/12/18 | 1:13 AM CET

Bad Move

Boyan Taksirov
“And before them, a huge educational program must take place.”

Who will perform such a marvel? You’ll want education, you’ll get project fear and steady as she goes on steroids or project it’s all a load of sh|t let’s get the fck out of here on steroids.

You may think that is good for team EU, facts rule right? but the deluge of claims and counter claims has an odd effect, citizens bullsh|t detectors kick in because they just can’t resist presenting a rather rosy vision and the other a rather negative vision.

The rosy vision turns into outright exaggeration and propaganda that will intensify because normal rosy vision isn’t working. As the exaggerations increase so does the polarisation, the bullsh|t detectors get louder ad infinitum and all the time the leave talks about some rather uncomfortable and less than desirable aspects of membership that the other side can’t quite counter convincingly because they are so distant from the affects they actually couldn’t give a t0ss about it and it shows. In the end you won’t know what to believe but your suspicions that something is definitely not right will lead to some unpredictable voting.

Won’t happen to you? too clever? too well informed? 😀 don’t underestimate how tough a binary question can be under these conditions. Most people are just living their lives and couldn’t care less about politics. They’ll hear the loudest scariest headlines and will feel they need to vote because it is important and they should.

And you Mr. Very Well informed have only 1 vote.

Posted on 1/12/18 | 1:16 AM CET

Boyan Taksirov

@Bad Move

Maybe you are right.
But… just an idea – not rosy visions, just the life in other parts of the world to be shown.
And the size of the countries there.
Their military might.
Their abundance of land and resources.

So, sort of a negative campaign.

Posted on 1/12/18 | 2:36 AM CET

Bad Move

Boyan Taksirov

🙂 Shall I quote some unemployment figures to counter that, then add some stagnating wage figures for good measure to test how well the mighty EU are doing? How about the impact of immigration or austerity all essential ingredients of your wonderful recipe.

I’m not trying to argue these points with you, but there are two sides to everything. I don’t think you can have any idea how your shiny golden winning arguments that sound so convincing with like minded people in the big bubble of EUness are beaten to death mercilessly by others who aren’t doing so well in this system. And there are a LOT of them.

Posted on 1/12/18 | 2:56 AM CET

Boyan Taksirov

Bad Move

Maybe Bulgaria is the most convincing example in the EU of what you speak.
So, I get your point.
It may be bad here, but without the EU will definitely get much worse, most people think that way.
There are some delusional ones, who say that Russia is the salvation.
But they have never lived there.
Besides, Russia has no cohesion funds.
Each month many people send money to BG from abroad. Thanks to EU they have the right to work.

What you say is possible, but do you have a better idea?

Posted on 1/12/18 | 3:13 AM CET

Anthony Chambers

@Tomonthebeach: you are completely wrong about the requirement for completely uniform ruled and regulations. Just look at the US. There is way less uniformity in standards between states and even city districts. The reason you can run a massive business in the US is simple, everyone speaks English and has a reasonably similar culture. So you can have a massive marketing campaign all the in same language.

Posted on 1/12/18 | 7:28 AM CET

European Slovenians for the rule of law

The European Union urgently needs to demonstrate to its citizens that it has the wherewithal to stand up for pluralism and the rule of law within its own family. A failure to do so will only undermine the union’s effort to demonstrate that it is a civic community held together by democratic values, not just a distant, unaccountable bureaucracy — exactly what the populists falsely claim.

If Poland does not reverse course, the Union should proceed with efforts to suspend its voting rights. This requires consent from all but the sanctioned party, but even if Hungary blocks these moves, the effort itself will send a strong message to Poles. And a Hungarian veto would give the European Union additional cause for taking overdue steps to discipline Budapest. The EU should make clear its intention to divert to more worthy members the economic assistance that flows to Poland. European Union officials and their member-state counterparts should deliberately isolate Warsaw, keeping diplomatic contacts with the Polish government to a minimum. And as the Union continues to strengthen its defense institutions, it should keep Poland at a distance. Collective defense is about protecting values, not just territory.
Such measures do not ensure that the Polish government will return to the rule of law. Indeed, Warsaw may well double down and use “foreign interference” as an excuse for further infringements on civil liberty. So be it. The EU needs to defend its own democratic credibility even if it cannot compel Poland to follow suit.

Posted on 1/12/18 | 7:44 AM CET


Well said Mr Borisov. Nowadays it takes quite a courage to point out the obvious.

Posted on 1/12/18 | 9:08 AM CET


Well done to the Bulgarian prime minister for bringing some sense to the discussion about Poland, other media also noted Mr Borisove as saying that rule of law issues are “so vague and difficult to measure that they would be better not brought before ministers”
yes and this is the point, compare rule of law regarding judiciary appointments in all EU countries using the same criteria and then we can have a discussion … do not single out Poland because it suits you!
Well done indeed. Hope Bulgaria will always be an independent voice in the EU rather than a mixture of franco-german and liberal spin-off.

Posted on 1/12/18 | 10:33 AM CET


as always, I enjoy or valuable comments

@Boyan Taksirov
It’s hard to discuss and argue about the EU when not only everybody has a completely different understanding of what it is TODAY but even more of what it should be in the FUTURE.

I am sure no one will argue that the birth idea for the EU after WW2 was great, noble and made very much sense.
It was a peace project in its first place with the key objective to bring European countries closer together in economic terms in order to “avoid” another world war on European soil which yould bring once again much destruction and kill millions of lifes. And of course, the underlying idea (although often forgotten) was very much the desire to contain and control Germany very rigorously. Thus by this Germany would be under permanent watch of the Allies Britain, France and of course the US.

Turn it as you like it but the dominant force behind the creation of the EU was no European country but no lesser than our big oversees brother the US.
And for decades it worked fairly well, indeed….
It worked because it was mainly about trade and free movement of labour, goods, capital etc.

However, what can be observed now for many years already is the silent but very pushing way forward towards a structure and a concept in which the EU is no longer just about trade but very much a political union, a superstate with main powers on an EU level. It is very much the objective of the EU elites to slowly but decidedly shift all key powers away from the nation states and to form a USEU.
This would and could all be “possibly” fine, if this were a true democratic and balanced architecture. The reality is different though. The main influencing and deciding powers are today in Berlin, Brussels and Paris. Even Rome, Madrid are losing powers very rapidly, not to mention London, Athens, etc.

Anyway, anyone who still has some serious doubts about which direction we are heading on both the EU as well as a global level, should invest some free time to research and get acquainted with such groups and institutions as the Bilderberger Group and the Trilateral Commission. Please get familair not only with these groups but also WHO is really in there and what are their key objectives. The term “New World Order” is not just a conspiracy theory but a term which has been widely used by the Bush administration on various occasions. And despite Obama being in office, the US still pushed forward their objectives in a strong way.
It’s all happening now and we can observe it on various examples.

Posted on 1/12/18 | 11:11 AM CET

Boyan Taksirov


As I see from your exposition, you mean:

1. One of the main reasons the EU was created, was to control Germany.
2. US supervision and control of the EU was an essential part of the project.

3. Now the EU goes out of US control and beyond the boundaries of its initial design.

4. It grows antidemocratic favoring Paris and Berlin, and muting the voices of the rest members.

5. Probably this new development is related somehow with the Elite’s plan for a New World Order.

I could agree to some extent with point 1 and 2 and 3. I do not find anything wrong in point 3, on the contrary, I cheer such development.
Point 4 is arguable. EU must not be a talking shop. EU must unite around a defined vision about the future. It is not working corrupted governments, sometimes acting as a “Trojan Horse” in favor of outer powers to impose the agenda, or to obstruct and block everything meaningful.

But I don’t agree with point 5, which is the main thesis in your exposition.
This is conspiracy-like suggestion of fear and suspicion, lacking any meaningful arguments and evidences.

Posted on 1/12/18 | 11:45 AM CET


@European Slovenians for the rule of law
I rarely ever get upset about comments and people posting it but even I have my limits.
If you are truly from Slovenia, then please have a look first at your own little country and your own backyard before pointing fingers at Poland and Hungary.

If it wasn’t for the Poles, their decades-long fight against the Soviets and its totalitarian regime, their massive resistance movement Solidarnosc, you would still be behind the Iron Curtain living according to Russias flute. It was Poland which as the strongest country in all of Eastern Europe brought Soviet supremacy to a fall and leading further to the fall of the Iron Curtain.
Thanks to Poland you can enjoy freedom and Western culture now.

Second thing, how well are your “democratic” principles and the judiciary working in your former communist country? I am sure you have all things in great order, right?! Slovenia, the hallmark of democracy, right?! No corruption, no crooked judges and judiciary, no mafia-style political-economic ecosystems run by former secret state officials?! Come on, give me a break.

Third thing, if you are not familair about the “real” situation in Poland, don’t critize and bash Poland, ok? Because obviously you have no real idea about the entire situation and all their underlying issues.

Fourth thing. Do you even know what is “rule of law”? Are you able to tell me how the rule of law can be judged, evaluated and described in each individual country of the EU? Are we even having a common set of rules which can be equally applied in all countries?! No, of course not.
As a matter of fact, the situation is different in each individual county so there is no common set of principles, criteria and guideline how rule of law should be defined and installed. Many of the Polish reforms of the judiciary are very much in line with what has been in place and common practive in many other European countries.

Posted on 1/12/18 | 11:46 AM CET


@Boyan Taksirov
“I could agree to some extent with point 1 and 2 and 3. I do not find anything wrong in point 3, on the contrary, I cheer such development.”

In reality it is only a move away from the US to the outside viewer. It is supposed to look that way. EU will never be able to go out of US control and beyond the boundaries of its initial design. It is a first stage of the New World Order. EU is still very much controlled by US influence. All of Europe is dependent on US.

“Point 4 is arguable. EU must not be a talking shop. EU must unite around a defined vision about the future.”
Yes, and who sets this so called defined vision of the future? Germany and France mostly. Is that what you call a bloc of equal countries? Eastern and Southern Europe have already been the playground for Western influence, dominance and exploitation. No need to build on that.

“But I don’t agree with point 5, which is the main thesis in your exposition.
This is conspiracy-like suggestion of fear and suspicion, lacking any meaningful arguments and evidences.”

Not really. There is sufficient material on the works and objectives of those institutions which I have named in my previous post.
Those named groups are by no means completely undercover although they do try to keep all meetings and summits very much in secret.
The Bilderberger Group summits are taking place every year since decades, always completely out of the spotlight of public media. Those meetings are so secretive that no official agenda is available and no journalists are ever permitted there and you will never find any minutes and summary of key decisions of these summits.
As said before, its not just just conspiracy. You can find many books, articles, documentaries and statements on the issues which I have stated above.

Posted on 1/12/18 | 12:08 PM CET



“Not really. There is sufficient material on the works and objectives of those institutions which I have named in my previous post.
Those named groups are by no means completely undercover although they do try to keep all meetings and summits very much in secret.
The Bilderberger Group summits are taking place every year since decades, always completely out of the spotlight of public media. Those meetings are so secretive that no official agenda is available and no journalists are ever permitted there and you will never find any minutes and summary of key decisions of these summits.
As said before, its not just just conspiracy. You can find many books, articles, documentaries and statements on the issues which I have stated above.”

For sure, and that are the same people who where behind staering the string for the creation of the B.lderberg and the EU, and one of the key player was jozef retinger first secretary of the B.lderberg and first secretary of the European Movement International…

And about the great “values” they were added with the time because the first idea was a great cartel of steel and coil to make people pay always the common highest possible price through all members…

Posted on 1/12/18 | 12:19 PM CET

Boyan Taksirov


Paris and Berlin follow a consistent policy, compliant with the principles defined in the creation of the EU. They have the vision for the EU.
Eastern european countries don’t have much traditions and experience in democracy, there is no real political elite, some of them are completely mafiotized, governments corrupted and acting in favor of the local oligarchies, even if that harms the country. There is a strong US and Russian infiltration in the politics and the business of these countries.

For an example, bulgarians trust much more the EU institutions than the bulgarian ones. Bulgarians despise bulgarian politics and business elite. They think it is suppressing and exploiting them. So in that case, is the bulgarian policy representative of the bulgarians will? And is it possible bulgarian weight in EU institutions to be used against the EU and against bulgarians themselves, in favor, of let’s say Russia or USA, disrupting some developments?

The same applies not only for Bulgaria, of course.

Posted on 1/12/18 | 12:27 PM CET



Rafael talks of bilderberger and you express scorn. I suggest you Google agenda* 21 where, amongst other articles, you will find one from the Guardian in which it discusses whether it is a right wing conspiracy theory.

You will see the players and oligarchs assembled shortly at Davos. I hold no view either way, other than agenda 21 exists. Whether it is being covertly promoted I do not know.

As for your comments about Germany and France upholding the basic principles of the EU .

You do know the organisation was set up to favour French farmers and German manufacturers? The French vetoed the notion of ‘ever closer’ political union at the treaty of Trieste in 1955 or so.

France and Germany consistently break the rules. France fails to meet the rules on budget deficits whilst Germany does the same with its budgets surplus. France consistently vetoes much needed reform of the CAP, even though we gave up some of our so called rebate in the early 2000’s to fund it.

Germany consistently blocks a single market in services in order to protect its trade associations. In addition that country has flouted the rules on carbon emissions, diesel pollution and cartels. They unilaterally allowed in a flood of refugees then expected its partners to pick up the pieces.

The euro was engineered to favour their manufacturing at the expense of weaker states.

We saw the results of this with the flood of eu migrants to Britain as their own country could not provide jobs.

I would also remind you that the UK was foremost in encouraging countries from eastern Europe to join in order to help development and provide protection against communism.

We were one of the very few large economies to allow people from the east to find jobs in our economy from the outset. Other countries blocked this.

You consistently show a weak and biased knowledge of the development of the EU and seem to believe that France and Germany are beacons of goodness and innocence in promoting the noble ideals of the EU whilst Britain does everything it can to undermine it. We are by no means perfect but we are not the destructive force you believe us to be.

The facts are rather different but you need to stop reading the official eu version of events which favours Germany and France.

I like the peoples of both countries but their governments are certainly not the great upholders of principles that you seem to believe

Posted on 1/12/18 | 1:32 PM CET


@Boyan Taksirov
Paris and Berlin follow a consistent policy, compliant with the principles defined in the creation of the EU. They have the vision for the EU.

Yes, I agree. They have a good vision for the EU in terms on how to make the best out of it for themselves and serve its own interests.
For both these countries, the EU has been a major vehicle for massive economic expansion, trade surpluses and export records, including cheap production in low cost countries to grow profits even more.

Germany as the most prominent example has been a target of many countries accusations that it is growing on the expense of other EU countries by practicing on a mass scale cost dumping. Germany has a very large percentage of its population working under very low wages and probably the highest percentage of people working under temporary employments / hired contracts.

Posted on 1/12/18 | 1:33 PM CET


Judging from some of the comments here I come to the conclusion that the Putin trolls have populated his forum. too.
Those who try to drive wedges between Bulgaria on side and France and Germany on the other.Or those who use the world “liberal” with a negative connotation as if it were a dirty word.
When will finally Mr. Trump issue a stark warning to Putin to close his troll factories?
Oh, I forgot, he likes him.

Posted on 1/12/18 | 3:39 PM CET

Troll Command



Posted on 1/12/18 | 3:56 PM CET


@trolls command
That’s called projection.

Posted on 1/12/18 | 4:58 PM CET

Tired Trolls


Nah, its called being tired of everyone calling everyone that has a different view to them a Russian troll.

Posted on 1/12/18 | 5:02 PM CET

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