11 tips to start your road to fitness


Put your workout on your calendar just like you would lunch with a friend or a haircut. You’ll develop a habit, and you’ll find yourself getting antsy if you miss it. I promise.

Find what you like

Walk in the water at your neighbourhood pool, your own pool or at the gym. Take your dog around the block a few times. Dance. Ride your bike. Just because your neighbour likes jogging doesn’t mean you have to, too.

Savour the moments

Turn off your phone and enjoy this time just for you.

Eliminate negative self-talk

So you only managed a 10-minute walk, or you didn’t stop at one cookie. Does that mean you’re a loser or that you blew it for the day? Of course not. You just veered off your path. Hop back on and keep looking forward.

March in place

Do it during commercials or while your coffee reheats. So what if your kids laugh at you? Who cares? Light a fire under their bottoms, too, so they’ll join you.

Invest in stretchy bands

These colourful, oversize rubber bands are cheap and easy to use. Mine cost about $10 for a set with varying resistance. I might hook one around each of my wrists and, keeping tension, raise my arms above my head 10 times, pause, and do it again.

Find a fitness friend

If someone expects you to be on the corner for a 7 a.m. walk, you’re more likely to be there. Conversations make the workout go more quickly, plus are a good gauge of how much you’re putting into it. If you’re panting too much to talk, you might want to slow down a little, or alternate panting and talking.

Remember calories still count

Try to refrain from using your workout as an excuse to load up on sugary or fatty foods. You burned some calories, but probably not enough to offset a milkshake.

Set a goal

Not to lose X number of pounds in a week, but to move every day.

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